Tales of Tribute Druid King Patron Deck In Galen and Y’ffelon

ESO Tales Of Tribute Patrons The Druid King
ESO"s Firesong DLC is here and Tales of Tribute has a new deck available! How to earn the new patron deck The Druid King can be found here!

Obtaining Druid King Deck

The Druid King deck is earned by finding five fragments.  When all fragments are obtained, the deck will be available for you to use.  Please note that you must have the Firesong DLC to acquire this deck.

Delver’s Druid Deck Fragment

Visit any delve in Galen and Y’ffelon.  Defeat enemies or bosses and you have a random chance to acquire this fragment. 

Dreamer’s Druid Deck Fragment

The Druid King deck requires the Firesong DLC which includes the area of Galen and Y’ffelon.  To obtain this fragment you will need to complete the quest entitled ‘The Dream of Kasorayn’.  This is the last quest in the area’s main quest line.

Geomancer’s Druid Deck Fragment

This fragment can be earned by defeating Volcanic Vents in Galen and Y’ffelon.  The fragment has a random chance to drop so you may need to defeat Volcanic Vents more than once.

Slayer’s Druid Deck Fragment

This fragment can be earned after defeating Galen and Y’ffelon’s world bosses.  The fragment has a random chance to drop so you may need to defeat one or both world bosses more than once.

Soothing Druid Deck Fragment

This fragment can be earned by completing ‘The Best of Friends’ achievement.  You do so by finding and interacting with six friendly animals in Galen and Y’ffelon.

Dawn’s Fancy is a horse inside the stable in Vastyr. 

Sulks-While-Fenced is a cow located near the Fighters Guild in Vastyr.

Gulgore is a dog located at the bottom of the steps of the Figher’s Guild entrance in Vastyr.

Stormy is a black cat located inside one of the tents on the beach north of Llanshara.

Rufus is a dog who is found in Glimmertarn.

Melianthe is a cat found at the Oaken Forge crafting area.

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