Earn The Timbershade Tumbler Achievement At The Valley Of The Watcher

ESO Galen and Y'ffelon World Boss Valley of the Watcher Timbershade
Defeat Timbershade, a world boss located at the Valley of the Watcher, to earn the Timbershade Tumbler achievement.

Defeat Timbershade

Timbershade is one of two world bosses in the Galen and Y’ffelon DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online.  As with all world bosses, if you defeat him, you will earn an achievement.  You can learn more about the other world boss in the Ultimate Galen and Y’ffelon Guide.

What Is A World Boss?

World bosses are powerful enemies often with their own unique abilities.  They sometimes require groups of players to overcome.  World bosses in DLC zones are significantly harder than other base game bosses.

ESO Map Icon World Boss

On your map, world bosses appear with a blackened skull and crossed swords icon.  Once the world boss is defeated, the world boss icon turns white.

Timbershade at the Valley of the Watcher

Travel south of the Trappers Peak Wayshrine to find the two Eldertide Theurges at Amenos Basin along the shoreline.

Mechanics Notes

Timbershade is a forest wraith that was once created to be a guardian of nature but has since gone rogue.  He is accompanied by a Guardian Spriggan who is channel to him.  You must first kill the Guardian Spriggan to release Timbershade.  Once released he uses heavy hits, jumps, and spits poisons.  He summons strangers, spiders, and bristleback boards to aid in battle.  Spriggans also appear and several at a time channel to him.  These cannot be interrupted but instead must be defeated.  While this is happening the entire area fills with poison but once they are defeated, the poison clears.  As a group, it is important to prioritize the spriggans, and then the rest of the adds.

Achievement Earned

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Group Boss 2 Update 36

The first time you defeat this world boss you will earn the Timbershade Tumbler achievement.

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