‘Steal’ The Thieves Guild DLC & Get A Horse!

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If you are a Pocket Picker you can get the Thieves Guild DCL for free PLUS get a free mount by exploring Hew's Bane!

10-Year Anniversary Special Event!

ESO has announced a special event to begin Monday, April 15 until Monday, April 29, 2024.  This is a special event to celebrate ESO’s 10th anniversary!

The Thieves Guild DLC is available for FREE from the in-game Crown Store if you have earned (or if you earn) the ‘Pocket Picker’ achievement.   

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement 106
Pocket Picker

Successfully pickpocket any citizen of Tamriel.

Hew’s Bane

With the Thieves Guild DLC, you have access to the exciting zone of Hew’s Bane.  But that’s not all!  If you have earned (or earn) the ‘Hew’s Bane Cave Delver’ achievement, you can unlock a FREE mount!  The Treasure Hunter Horse mount can be yours!  This mount is also available from the in-game Crown Store.

Seals Of Endeavor

Seals of Endeavor can also be earned as the Daily and Weekly Endeavors will feature new challenges related to both the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood.  Speaking of Dark Brotherhood, you can also pick up this great DLC for a special price during this event.  

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