‘Turn The Page’ While Discovering The Secrets Of Telvanni

ESO Secrets of the Telvanni Event Meter
Necrom Chapter owners can join together to earn rewards for one and all! Learn the Secrets of Telvanni to unlock rewards!

In-Game Event is LIVE

The Secrets of Telvanni is a new in-game event that launched Thursday, September 28 at 10am EDT.  It will continue until October 10 at 10am EDT.  Please note that you must own the Necrom chapter to participate in this event.  If you haven’t already purchased it, you can do so at the ESO Crown Store.

To begin, visit the in-game Crown Store for the quest starter titled ‘The Telvanni Secret’.  This is free!  You can also obtain this quest starter from Master Faras located outside the city of Necrom.  

Explore Necrom

With the starter quest completed, as you explore both the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha zone, you will be working together with your fellow players to complete the new event-unique daily quest titled ‘Turn the Page’.  Doing so progresses the event meter on the Secrets of Telvanni event page.  

At 33%, the first reward will be unlocked.  Everyone who participates will earn the Ebony Dwarven Scarab pet!  At 66%, the second reward will be unlocked.  Everyone will earn the Nightmare Nest face and body markings.  At 100%, the ‘final’ reward will be a new Telvanni-style house including gorgeous views, a sizable workshop, and a cozy living space inside the new house Kelesan’ruhn!

I say ‘final’ as in previous years, events like this often see even more bonus rewards!

ESO Non-Combat Pet Ebony Dwarven Scarab

Earned at 33%

ESO Markings Nightmare Nest Face and Body

Earned at 66%

ESO House Kelesan'ruhn House

Earned at 100%

Choose Carefully

As you complete unique daily quests for this event, you will be presented with the opportunity to ‘favor’ one of two sisters, Tralise and Yensa for one additional end-of-event reward.  Only one of these rewards can be unlocked.  The sister with the most favor will reveal the reward.  You can check that status on the same event page.

ESO Furniture Music Box Oath of the Keepers
Tralise - Oath of the Keepers Music Box
ESO Furniture Yensa Apocryphal Tome
Yensa - Apocryphal Tome Furnishing

Secret Telvanni Coffers

During the vent, you will receive event reward boxes called Secret Telvanni Coffers each time you complete a daily quest.  Additionally, you have a chance to receive a coffer when you complete the following activities in either Telvanni Peninsula or Apocrypha:

  • Defeat a Delve or World Boss
  • Defeat a Bastion Nymic Herald or Boss
  • Defeat any monster
  • Opening treasure chests, safeboxes, Psijic Portals, etc.
  • Harvesting resource nodes
  • Pickpocketing
  • …and more! 


When you open a Secret Telvanni Coffer, you have a chance to receive the following items:

  • Random crafting materials
  • Valuables (that can be sold to vendors) or style items
  • Zone set items or Companion gear (only while either Azandar or Sharp are active)
  • Necrom furnishings, furnishing recipes, Treasure Maps, Survey Reports, or a motif page (Dead Keeper, Clan Dreamcarver, or Kindred’s Concord)
  • A small chance for a tradeable style page of the NEW Apocrypha Expedition armor style

Bonus Loot

The first time you complete a Telvanni Peninsula or Apocrypha daily quest, you will also receive a Sublime Secret Telvanni Coffer instead of a standard one.  Sublime coffers can contain the same items as regular ones, but also have a much greater chance of containing even rarer rewards (such as pages for the Apocrypha Expedition armor style).

Additional Necrom Chapter Rewards

Even more rewards can be obtained by exploring the Necrom Chapter.  During this event, you will also receive:

  • ALL zone daily quests and Trail weekly quests have their usual non-event reward boxes doubled.
  • Harvest node yields are increased.
  • World, Delve, and Trial Bosses all award double loot.
ESO Anniversary Jubilee Celebration 2023 Impresario
Impresario, Event Ticket Vendor

Earn Event Tickets

During this event, you can ear two event tickets per day by completing any daily quest in either the Telvanni Peninsula or Apocrypha zones.  The Impresario will be rather normal tent locations and will stock the following items during this event period:

  • All three Passion Dancer Blossom pet fragments:
    • Chartreuse LIly Petals
    • Enchanted Silver Flute
    • Mystical Sheet Music
  • All three Passion Dancer’s Attire costume fragments:
    • Bolt of Indigo Cotton
    • Bolt of Silver Silk
    • Enchanted Sewing Kit
  • Bound style pages for the new Apocrypha Expedition style
  • Group Repair kits
  • Companion Guild Commendations

If you are new or find the whole event ticket/morphing pet confusing, you may want to review a previous article where it is explained in great detail.

ESO Non-Combat Pet Passion-Dancer Blossom
Passion Dancer Blossom Pet
ESO Passion Dancer Garment
Passion Dancer's Attire Costume

Indrik Vendor Nenulaure Returns

You can also use those Event Tickets by visiting Nenulaure.  She will stock the following during this event:

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers
  • Onyx Indrik Berries
  • Mossheart Indrik Berries
  • Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet
  • Sapling Indrik Pet
ESO NPC Character Nenulaure the Indrick Vendor
Nenulare, the Indrik Vendor

Other Available Items

The Impresario’s Assistant has the following items during this event:

  • All three Unstable Morpholith pet fragments
    • Deadlands Flint
    • Rune-Etched STriker
    • Smoldering Bloodgrass Tinder
  • All three Deadlands Firewalker personality fragments
    • Vial of Simmering daedric Brew
    • Vial of Bubbling Daedric Brew
    • Vial of Scalding Daedric Brew

Don’t forget, the only way you can participate in this event and receive its unique rewards is to first own The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom.

ESO Unstable Morpholith Pet
Unstable Morholith Pet
ESO Personality Deadlands Firewalker
Deadland Firewalker Personality

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