Earn A Unique Ancient Furnishing Tapestry Replica Khajiit Of The Moons

ESO Southern Elsweyr Fragment Khajiit of the Moons Tapestry
Collect 12 Fragments in Southern Elsweyr to earn a replica of an ancient tapestry called Khajiit of the Moons.

Collecting Southern Elsweyr Khajiit of the Moons Fragments

You will need the Dragonhold DLC or and ESO Plus membership to complete this quest.  There are a total 12 tapestry fragments that must be collected and restored completing the ‘Masterpieces’ quest.  

ESO In-Game Icon Antiquities U30 Museum Fragment 12

Fragments do not appear on your in-game map.  They do, however, glow green to aid you in spotting them.

Begin the Collection

Travel to Senchal Palace to meet Bebbia Sleek-Fur.  She explains that a band of Alfiq thieves has torn apart a prized tapestry.  She tasks you with heading to the leader Nishzo’s hideout.  After returning to Beebi, she will tell you there are 11 remaining tapestry pieces.

Southern Elsweyr Fragment Locations

There are 12 fragments in Southern Elsweyr.

  • Amaffi’s Tapestry Scrap – on a broken ledge in Khenarthi’s Breath Temple
  • Bufasa’s Tapestry Scrap – hanging on a wall
  • Dancer’s Tapestry Scrap – upstairs in the Senchal Outlaws Refuge behind a fence and Meeh-Zaw’s bench
  • Farro’s Tapestry Scrap – on a pillar on the top of Marzuk’s Tower
  • Grastia’s Tapestry Scrap – on a bookshelf in a ruined building
  • Hiijar’s Tapestry Scarp – in the Forsaken Citadel on a wall upstairs in the Grand Lecture Hall
  • Jarro’s Tapestry Scrap – on a bed on the upper level of scaffolding
  • Kesta’s Tapestry Scrap – on a tree on a large rock in the water
  • Magpie’s Tapestry Scrap – on a desk on top of an observation post
  • Nishzo’s Tapestry Scrap – in a cave on the beach.  You must read both books before the piece will appear.  (quest required)
  • Oranu’s Tapestry Scrap – in Moonlit Cove on a wooden platform next to a cushion
  • Seleiz’s Tapestry Scrap – hanging on the back of the ruins

You can collect and restore the fragments at any time.

Once you have collected and restored all 12 tapestry fragments, you will earn the Khajiit of the Moons Replica furnishing item.

You will also earn the Pieces of History achievement.

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