Taking A First Look At ESO’s Card Game Tales Of Tribute

ESO Tales Of Tribute Beginning Layout
In the upcoming ESO Chapter High Isle, players will get to play a new exciting card game called Tales Of Tribute to earn rewards and ranking!

Testing ToT On The Public Test Server

Please note that this article is based on the PTS server experience.  Changes, big or small, may occur until the High Isle chapter is officially released.  Having said that, I played quite a few matches of the new card game Tales of Tribute and want to share with you that experience.

Roisters’ Club Recruitment Notification

Not long after arriving in High Isle, I found a notice inviting me to check out the Gonfalon Roisters’ Club.  This club’s chapter is seeking new members and offering tutorials.  Perfect!

Speaking With Bragas Outside the Gaming Hall

As I was making my way around High Isle, I found Bragas and spoke with him.  He encouraged me to make my way to the Gaming Hall to find Master Razhamad.

Meeting Master Razhamad

Inside the Gonfalon Gaming Hall, I met with Master Razhamad.  He gave me some background on the Tales of Tribute and the Roisters’ Club.  I was then instructed to find Bragas inside the hall and play a tutorial match.

Getting The First Four Decks

After completing the tutorial/quest, I return to Master Razhamad who rewards me with my first four decks.   All players will begin with the same four decks.  

Two Daily Challenges Available

In Gonfalon Gaming Hall, I also found two brokers.  Kishka the Broker creates daily tasks for rank.  The first task will have to travel throughout Tamriel to find a specific NPC to play against and the second task will require I find another human player. 

Remember, these are additional DAILY activities.  So in addition to the rewards I’m already earning just from playing ToT (yes, even if you lose you still get rewarded), I can also earn more goodies.

Sitting beside Kishka is another broker, Marunji.  He too offers a daily challenge in ToT.  

Challenge NPCs Or Use The Activity Finder

The Gonfalon Gaming Hall had quite a few people whom I was able to challenge to ToT.  Also, on your adventures in Tamriel you can find other NPCs who are willing to play.  The option appears in normal conversation.  If you’re looking to play another player, you can use the Activity Finder.  I found both methods easy to use.

Is There A Point To Playing?

Yes!  Yes, there is!  If you weren’t interested in the ranking system for players, you may be asking yourself ‘why bother?’.  Goodies.  Shiny things.  All valid reasons.  As mentioned earlier, you are rewarded just for playing.  So win or lose (although winning is much better), you still earn goodies for your time.  The image below is one such reward for winning a match.  Regretfully, I haven’t yet lost a match so I cannot show you those rewards.  Bear in mind that this is still PTS so the rewards can change.  

During the reveal, ESO mentioned that there would be achievements, pets, card fragments (for new decks) and other goodies including the much sought-after Transmute Crystals!  I received quite a few Transmute Crystals, rare ingredients, new recipes, and even a motif page.

Ready To Play?

The gameplay is a little more involved.  While I didn’t find it at all complicated, it was different.  There are various things that you need to keep track of but matches were quick (about 15 minutes or so) and enjoyable.  I played both NPCs and other players.  Keep watch for another article devoted to ToT gameplay coming very soon!  

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