You Could Win A Vvardvark Pet From The Stream Team!

ESO Vvardvark Pet
Spend the next three weekends with the ESO Stream Team and you could win a Vvardvark pet!

Three Weekend Event Begins Now

Tune in to special live streams from the ESO Stream Team over the next three weekends as part of our ongoing Return to Morrowind celebration.

Kicking off this Friday, February 24, you can watch members of the ESO Stream Team as they venture into Vvardenfell and rediscover everything the home of the Dark Elves has to offer. This celebration will run over the next three weekends, during which our streamers will focus on different activities found within the Vvardenfell zone.

February 24-26 Vvardenfell Achievement Hunting

The team will quest and explore Vvardenfell while attempting to complete as many Achievements as possible. Let them know if you need help completing a Morrowind achievement, too, and they’ll be happy to assist!

March 3-5 Warden Class Builds & Battlegrounds

The team will share their favorite Warden builds, bears and all, and some will venture into the 4v4v4 PvP Battlegrounds.

March 10-12 Halls of Fabrication

The team will venture into Vvardenfell’s trial, the Halls of Fabrication, and attempt to conquer one of the game’s most-challenging PvE activities. If you haven’t conquered this trial yet, let them know you’re LFG!

During their live streams, participating ESO Stream Team members will have Twitch Drops enabled and will also be giving away the adorable Vvardvark pet!

ESO Return To Morrowind Stream Team Schedule

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