Stable Training In The Elder Scrolls Online And The Benefits Of Completing It

ESO Stable Sign
Do you know why stable training in The Elder Scrolls Online is necessary and how it can be performed every day without inflation? I do.

Stable Training For All Players New And Old

If you haven’t already, this is a must-do for ESO.  Stable training is often overlooked or put on the back burner.  Especially if you are a new player and cash is tight, you may push aside your stable training.  

Luckily, the pack merchants who raise prices following some insane inflation schedule every single visit have NOT talked with the stablemasters.  For only 250 gold per day, you can purchase stable training lessons from any stablemaster throughout Tamriel.

Finding A Stable On The Map

It is quite simple to find a stablemaster on your Tamriel map.  Look for the horse icon like the one circled above.  Generally, they are in or near every major city.

Riding Lessons – Speed

To increase your riding skill, you will need to take a series of riding lessons.  There is a 60% total increase possible and each ‘lesson’ takes 20 irl (in real life) hours to complete.  The speed lesson increases your movement speed while mounted.  If you have tried a mount in ESO without these lessons, I’m sure you have found that you can run on foot faster than your mount can sprint!

Riding Lessons – Stamina

To increase your riding stamina, you will need to take a series of riding lessons.  There is a 60% total increase possible and each ‘lesson’ takes 20 irl (in real life) hours to complete.  The stamina lesson increases your stamina while mounted allowing you to sprint longer and take more hits before you become dismounted.  This will allow you to bypass some fights to get where you are ultimately going.

Riding Lessons – Carry Capacity

To increase your carrying capacity, you will need to take a series of riding lessons.  There is a 60 item total increase possible and each ‘lesson’ takes 20 irl (in real life) hours to complete.  The carry capacity lesson increases your carrying capacity by 1.  Based on the inflated prices charged by the pack merchants, this is an amazing deal!  But remember, there is a 20 hour cooldown.

Lesson Scrolls From The Crown Store

You can purchase lesson scrolls from the Crown Store.  They are located in the menu under Upgrades.  Each type of lesson is available in packs of 10 and cost 1000 crowns.

Lesson Scrolls Using Seals Of Endeavor

You can purchase lesson scrolls from the in-game Crown Store by using Seals of Endeavor.  Seals of Endeavor are earned by doing specific things in-game that change daily, and weekly.  You are rewarded for completing those tasks with Seals that can be used to purchase some items from the Crown Store without using irl $$.

Individual lessons are available using Seals for 360 each.  There is a cooldown for these lessons regardless of how they are acquired but they do not interfere with your normal cooldown by paying the stablemaster directly.

Check Daily Rewards For Free Lessons

Often daily rewards will contain lessons so be sure to check out the daily rewards and make sure you log in every day.  As mentioned earlier, stable training in EACH of the 3 categories take 60 irl days (a little less with the 20-hour cooldown).  

Order Of Importance?

I’ve already shown you!  Of course, it really depends on your personal preference but I found speed first, then stamina and lastly carrying capacity.  Carrying capacity only increases 1 item.  And while the price is awesome, is one single item worth my 20-hour cooldown?  Speed, on the other hand, is particularly rewarding, especially if you are transversing Tamriel collecting skyshards and questing.  Stamina would be a close second as being able to travel faster for longer is always a good thing.

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