Explore Shipwreck Shoals Delve On High Isle And Amenos

ESO High Isle and Amenos Delve Walkthrough Shipwreck Shoals Captain Ithala
Recover stolen documents for the Dominion from Shipwreck Shoals delve and rescue Nori from Sea Elves. Grab a skyshard and an achievement!

Shipwreck Shoals

Tangled rigging and broken hulls surround this treacherous isle—a warning to any sea captain foolish enough to sail too close. Whether it belongs to the Sea Elves or the Hadolids is anyone’s guess. But neither look kindly upon uninvited guests.

Spies In The Shallows

Located in the northern area of the island of High Isle, you’ll encounter Titus Stolo.  He explains he’s aware of who you are and needs help.  He and his partner were gathering intelligence on behalf of the Dominion in Shipwreck Shoals but were caught by Dreadsail pirates and became separated.

His fear is that Sea Elves will obtain valuable Dominion documents.  He asks that you recover the documents and rescue his partner Nori and offers his finder’s fee as compensation.  In addition to Nori being his business partner, she is also his sister.

Shipwreck Shoals Map

Shipwreck Shoals is located in the northern area of High Isle along the coast.   The closest wayshrine is the Dufort Shipyards Wayshine.  

The three primary areas that Titus needs you to investigate are marked on the map.  You’ll also note the skyshard location and the main boss location for this delve.  This delve has only one boss.  As mentioned earlier, to ‘complete’ this delve, you’ll need to defeat all the bosses.  You can be sure that you’ve done so if you receive an achievement.  

ESO Achievement High Isle Breakwater Cave Explorer

Exploring and defeating the boss Captain Ithala will reward you with the Shipwreck Shoals Explorer achievement.

Inside Shipwreck Shoals

This delve was filled with reef vipers and a few other enemies easily defeated.  You will need to explore the three locations for the documents and then free Nori from captivity.

Captain Ithala

Captain Ithala has a ranged attack with a crossbow.  She also sets small aoe traps that will pin you if you’re not careful.  She is aided by a Reef Viper and spawns more throughout the fight.  You will be in a water-soaked area and Captain Ithala also unleashes lightning attacks whose effects are amplified by the standing water.  Avoid the aoe as much as possible and focus on the vipers first, then the Captain.  

Crisis Averted

After you exit the delve, Titus thanks you for saving the alliance and his sister Nori.   In addition to gold, you will also receive the Serpent’s Tongue which is part of the Systres’ Scowl set.

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