First Look Into Scrivener’s Hall And Scribes of Fate DLC

ESO First Look Scrivener's Hall Dungeon Scribes of Fate DLC
With dangerous traps and treacherous foes lurking around every corner, unravel the secrets of Scrivener’s Hall with ESO's Scribes of Fate.

Scriverner’s Hall Developer’s Tour

Today we are graced with the presence of two of the Developers of The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as two amazing content creators!

We have Jeremy Sera (Lead Content Designer) and Mike Finnegan (Lead Encounter Designer) guiding us through the Veteran Difficulty of the new Scrivener’s Hall dungeon from the Scribes of Fate DLC!

We are not only guided through the story and design by them both, but we are also told how to actually engage with the new combat mechanics in this instance by the actual lead designer of them! What better way to learn mechanics of new content than have the lead encounter designer explain it to us?!

As far as group composition goes, we have Mike Fu-Finn on Tank, myself on dps, @Dawnwhisper on dps and @kayPOWXD on heals! Apparently they don’t usually do veteran difficulty in press/dev tours…let’s hope we don’t get rekt!!!

Scriverner’s Hall Background

The Scribes of Mora have dedicated thir lives in secret to the lord of knowledge, Hermaeus Mora.  Their long-time leader Keshargo was recently replaced by Valinna who has other, more sinister, plans for the cult.

The Scribes began as a passive organization dedicated to the extensive mapping of all the various daedric planes.  Their primary goal was to seek information and gather knowledge to benefit the followers of Hermaeus Mora.  Valinna’s goal is to transform the Scribes into a militant force of zealots.

Valinna needs to locate the Itinerant Staff, the traditional symbol of power for the Scribes.  This staff has the ability to instantly return the wielder to Scrivener’s Hall.  The ousted leader, Keshargo, knows where the staff is hidden but he is keeping it a secret.

To try to reclaim his position of power, Keshargo must retrieve the Itinerant Staff before Valinna can find it.  Your mission is to help Keshargo which will ultimately restore the Scribes to their original purpose.

Under Valinna’s twisted leadership, the scribes have become fearsome battlemages that are capable of casting dangerous spells and controlling massive magical constructs using powerful arcanist abilities.

Players will need to travel through daedric planes and will encounter different realms of Oblivion like the Deadlands and the new Spiral Kein.  

Enemies will include bloodthirsty dremora and hulking monsters like Ozezan the Inferno.

There is a mysterious collection of collectibles and items unique to Scrivener’s Hall such as the Iterative Onyx Glyphic Memento (earned by completing the dungeon on vet difficulty), the Sextant Emote (earned by completing optional content in both dungeons), and the Lost Emote (earned by entering into either of the two dungeons in the Scribes of Fate DLC).

Three unique gear sets and a new monster set are also found in Scrivener’s Hall:

Scrivener’s Hall is one of two new dungeons released on March 13, 2023, in the Scribes of Fate DLC from The Elder Scrolls Online.  

The Elder Scrolls Online:  Scribes of Fate and Update 37 arrived on March 13 for PC/Mac and will arrive on March 28 for Xbox and Playstation consoles.

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