Welcome Console Players To Scribes Of Fate DLC

Welcome to all the Xbox and PS players to ESO’s newest DLC, Scribes of Fate!  In addition to two new amazing dungeons, this DLC also includes Update 37!

The first new dungeon is Scrivener’s Hall!  It’s an amazing library full of mystery and secrets.  Take a sneak peak into Scrivener’s Hall with this article.

ESO Scrivener's Hall Loading Screen

The second new dungeon is a hidden Telvanni town called Bal Sunnar!  Take a sneak peek into Bal Sunnar with this article.

ESO Bal Sunnar Loading Screen

While the newest DLC release, Scribes of Fate, begins the Shadow Over Morrowind story for 2023, it also includes the base game Update 37.  If you are a member of ESO Plus, Scribes of Fate is included!  Update 37 is FREE for everyone!  

ESO New Content Scribes of Fate DLC Necrom Chapter Newest Armor Sets

If you are a housing fan, Update 37 will include a new house!  Located in the northernmost area of the island of High Isle, Fogbreak Lighthouse will come furnished or unfurnished.  

ESO Fogbreak Lighthouse Loading Screen

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