Earn A Unique Ancient Khajiit Furnishing Called Rithana-Di-Renada

ESO Northern Elsweyr Fragment Rithana-di-Renada
Collect 16 Fragments in Northern Elsweyr to earn a replica of an ancient Khajiit furnishing called Rithana-Di-Renada.

Collecting Northern Elsweyr Rithana-Di-Renada Fragments

Northern Elsweyr introduces Fragments.  These Fragments, once collected, can be used to create something special.  In Northern Elsweyr, you must collect a total of 16 Fragments which then can be used to create a replica of Rithana-di-Renada, an ancient Khajiiti mural furniture piece that has a light animation and sings a song.

ESO In-Game Icon Antiquities U30 Museum Fragment 12

Fragments do not appear on your in-game map.  They do, however, glow green to aid you in spotting them.

Begin the Collection

Travel to Riverhold, a town located in the northern region of Northern Elsweyr.  In Riverhold, you will need to locate the House of Histories.  In the basement, you will find Iraya who will start task you with collecting the first Fragment.

Northern Elsweyr Fragment Locations

There are 16 fragments in Northern Elsweyr.

  • Alabaster Fragment – on top of an old raised floor bed
  • Anequina Fragment – the first quest fragment found inside the Tomb of the Serpents
  • Bruk’ra Fragment – inside The Tangle
  • Corinthe Fragment – under a tree behind a ruined wall
  • Dune Fragment – under a rock overpass
  • Helkarn Fragment – between three standing stones
  • Kenarthia Fragment – in front of a tree and a ruined column
  • Merivale Fragment – in a small chasm below a tree
  • Orcrest Fragment – inside Orcrest
  • Pellitine Fragment – on a rug on the floor of the ruins
  • Rimmen Fragment – inside Rimmen Necropolis 
  • Riverhold Fragment – inside the Abode of Ignominy
  • Senchal Fragment – on the ground inside a tent
  • Tenmar Fragment – in the overgrowth beside a statue
  • Torval Fragment – on a rock ledge in a tree stump behind a large rock
  • Verkarth Fragment – inside Predator Mesa

After collecting the first fragment in the Tomb of the Serpents, Rajhin’s Shadow will appear and give you a book called the Riddle of Rithana-di-Renada which is an inventory item that holds clues to the other fragment locations.

You can return to the House of Histories to place the fragments in the mural.  Once you have places all the fragments, Iraya will offer you an additional quest to retrieve the Singing Crystal.  This is the final piece and once placed, your collection will be updated with the furnishing item Replica Rithana-di-Renada.  

You will also earn the Mural Mender achievement.

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