Extra Rewards In May 2024

Bonus rewards are available in the month of May. Daily Login Rewards, Anniversary Spotlights Rewards, and a special soda bonus!

ESO’s 10th Anniversary Celebration started May 2, 2024, and will continue until Friday, May 31, 2024.  This celebration is called ‘Hearth & Home’.  During this time, you can pick up an all new and FREE Sword-Singer’s Redoubt house and other goodies just for logging in.   

The Sword-Singer’s Redoubt house is part of the Daily Login Rewards and you only need to log in THREE times during the month of May to claim it!  

Two houseguests will also be available to unlock during the promo period.  

Houseguest and Necrom Guard Miraso can be claimed FREE after you earn the Party Planner achievement.  You must have three players visit your house simultaneously to unlock this achievement.

The Alchemy Houseguest can be claimed FREE after completing the Expert Resin Harvester and Novice Alchemy Furnisher achievements.  To earn the Expert Resin Harvester achievement you must harvest 25 Alchemical Resins.  To ear the Novice Alchemy Furnisher achievement you must learn any Alchemy Formula.

If you log in 4-8 days, you will receive 5 (one on each day) Scalecaller Crown Crates.  These crates contain collectible items themed around Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair.

Day 10 log in rewards will grant you a HUGE purse of 500 Seals of Endeavor!  

Claim the Bruma Spotted Pig non-combat pet by logging in on Day 14.

Claim Xanmeer Crown Crates on days 16-20 (one each day for five days).  These crates contain collectibles related to the Argonians of the Black Marsh.

Be on the lookout for specially marked Mountain Dew bottles!  With those you can earn unique codes that allow you to unlock FREE ESO items including the Karthwolf  Charger mount and Gold Coast Experience Scrolls.

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