The Elder Scrolls Online 2021 Recap – All The Stuff And Things

The Elder Scrolls 2021 Year In Reivew`
November 30, 2021

What a year it’s been!  With so many Covid restrictions keeping many of us at home (aka more time to play ESO), somehow The Elder Scrolls Online team was able to keep us busy in Tamriel!  And what a great job they did!  They provided us with new DLCs, a new chapter, new systems, more storylines, and more rewards!  Lots of shiny stuff and things so let’s look a little deeper.

Flames Of Ambition DLC

Flames Of Ambition DLC & Update 29, March 2021

Kicking off the year with the Gates of Oblivion storyline, Flame of Ambition DLC and Update 29 brought us Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron – two incredibly fun and visually amazing dungeons. 

The champion points cap was raised from 810 to 3600!  And we were introduced to the new Champion Points system commonly called CP 2.0.  Advanced stats now appear on the character sheet and console players rejoice at all the new information pc players had previously cornered the market on.

ESO Blackwood Chapter

Blackwood Chapter & Update 30, June 2021

The Blackwood chapter and Update 30 released in June brought us companions.  Bastion Hallix and Mirri Elendis can now join us on our questing adventures.  

The Rockgrove Trial (mechanics guide coming very soon) was also introduced as were Oblivion Portals.  Entering into an Oblivion Portal (which RANDOMLY spawns throughout Tamriel) leads you to a public dungeon-type area with rewards awaiting the victor.

Additionally, endeavors were added.  Completed daily endeavors earn seals of endeavors that can be used in the Crown Store to purchase things previously only available from Crown Crates.  This is something automatically tracked and added for us.  Endeavors can be as simple as opening treasure chests, completing a dungeon, completing a quest, or defeating a specific type of monster.

Oblivion Portals
Mirri Elendis Companion
Companion Bastion Hallix
Waking Flame DLC

Waking Flame DLC & Update 31, August 2021

In August we were treated to the Waking Flame DLC & Update 31.  This brought us two amazing dungeons (and some secret bosses) Red Petal Bastion and The Dread Cellar.  

Update 31 offered many behind-the-scenes performance improvements and new houses, furnishings, and even new houseguests.

The Deadlands DLC

The Deadlands DLC & Update 32, November 2021

Lastly, but certainly not least, came Update 32 and The Deadlands.  Everyday quality of life got so much better with the Armory System, Curated Item Set Drops, map improvements, and more.  Skyhards and active dolmens now appear on the maps of all players (including Xbox and Playstation).  

In addition to the new area of The Deadlands, we also received Fargrave, wandering executioners, and more storylines within those areas.  You can read more about those additions in these articles:

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