Delving into the Depths: Unveiling the Secrets of Quires Wind in ESO

ESO Apocrypha and Telvanni Peninsula Delves Quires Wind Cipher Gelon Location Map
Quires Wind is a delve located in Apocrypha that is home to scribes, both daedra and mortal. You need to find the hidden corruption.

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Quires Wind

The dark tomes created by Hermaeus Mora’s Daedra are written with ink that takes ten years to brew, on paper pressed from trees that have never seen the sun.

Quires Wind Location

In Apocrypha, travel southeast from the Writhing Wastes Wayshrine to locate this delve.

Madness In The Wind

The scribes of Quires Wind, mortal and Daedra alike, have gone mad.  Cripher Agrushna believes corrupt scrolls hidden among the stacks are responsible.  I agreed to enter Quires Wind and destroy the scrolls for her.

I need to make my way into Quires Wind to find the strange scrolls Cipher Agrushna wants me to destroy.

ESO Achievement High Isle Breakwater Cave Explorer

Exploring and defeating the boss will reward you with the Quires Wind Explorer achievement.

Inside Quires Wind

Quires Wind is inhabited by seekers and clannfears.  This delve has one level, one boss, and one skyshard as notated on the map.

Cipher Gelon

Cipher Gelon uses a destruction staff for ranged attacks.  During battle he creates very large aoes on the ground.  Ranged attacks help keep you out of the aoes but melee attacks work well.  He can be interrupted.

Completing Madness In The Wind

You will need to destroy the corrupted scrolls and defeat Cipher Gelon.  Speak to Cipher Agrushna to complete the quest and you are rewarded with gold and Daleforge Pauldrons, part of the Adamant Lurker armor set.

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