How To Earn Event Tickets In Whitestrake’s Mayhem Event: PVP Help For PVE Players

ESO Imperial City View From Cyrodiil
PVE players: Don't miss out on Event Tickets in PVP Whitestrake's Mayhem event! You can easily earn those ESO Event Tickets. Here's how.

PVP For PVE Players

PVP activities are important for PVE players because they increase the Assault and Support skill lines.  Plus with PVP activities you’ll earn Alliance Points and you could earn Tel Var Stones.  You can accomplish PVP activities by participating in the daily Battlegrounds which you absolutely should!  Even if you don’t win, you still receive a HUGE amount of XP and Alliance Points while increasing those skill lines.

The current event, Whitestrake’s Mayhem, requires PVP activities to earn event tickets.  Often PVE players miss the opportunity for Event Tickets and other rewards.  Don’t let that be you.  In this previous article, you’ll see all the ways you can earn those Event Tickets, and this article will help you get them.

ESO No-CP Ravenwatch Cyrodiil

Cyrodiil Here I Come!

To access Cyrodill, simply choose Campaigns from your menu.  You have options there if you are under level 50 or PVE players would benefit from choosing the No CP option.  This simply means that Champion Points are disabled in this area.

What Is This Place?

In the top left area of the map, you’ll find the 2 home bases for Daggerfall Covenant (blue).  The top right area is the location of the home bases for Ebonheart Pact (red)  and the bottom middle area is the location of the home bases for Aldmeri Dominion (yellow).

In a nutshell, players fan out across the map capturing farms and mills near the keeps and then gaining control of the keeps.  As keeps change to your faction’s color, they become an area where you can transport to.  Areas that are currently under conflict will appear on the map and you cannot transport to those areas.

Transporting Via Transitus Shrines

Cyrodiil has it’s own transport system.  It functions much the same way Wayshrines do but they are called Transitus Shrines.  You can ONLY transport inside Cyrodiil.   Also you can only transport to areas where your faction has control.

If you’re never been to Cyrodiil before, you find a quest offering to show you how things work.  Go ahead and do that.  You’ll earn excellent XP and other bonuses for your efforts.  You will be totally safe during the tutorial.

ESO Transitus Shrine Cyrodiil Transportation

Become A Cyrodiil Scout

You’ll also find a few bulletin boards that are very similar to the crafting writ boards.  These contain daily missions.  For PVE players, you’ll want to use the Scouting Mission board.  These missions ask you to go NEAR a location and complete a scouting report.  It’s as simple as stopping in the area and pressing a button.  Then you can return to the board you got it from, ‘post’ your results, and your Cyrodiil Event Tickets are earned!  Please remember, this is a game.  If your character finds combat and dies, it’s just a chance for you to get a free ride to a nearby area and start again.  You will be amazed at what you learn while you’re in these new areas.  You just might find you enjoy it!  I ran a daily Scouting Mission that was on the outskirts of enemy territory.  I completed the mission and never saw a single other player.  This is not unusual.  Cyrodiil is a huge place.  Go ahead, give it a try!  There are also skyshards and delves and other fun things in this territory.  Remember for the Whitestrake’s Mayhem event you will earn DOUBLE resources to harvesting nodes in Cyrodiil! 

ESO Cyrodiil Daily Mission Boards
ESO Cyrodiil Scouting Mission Board

Get Me The Heck Out Of Here!

Now that you’ve earned your event tickets, how do you leave Cyrodiil?  Good question!  At the two faction home bases, you will find a wayshrine that can be used to travel back to the outside world PVE players are more familiar with.  Travel to one of those bases and look at your map for the exact location of the Wayshrine.

ESO Wayshrine To Exit Cyrodiil

Imperial City Here I Come!

You can also earn a single event ticket by completing a daily quest in Imperial City.  While it too is a PVP area, it has a lot of differences from Cyrodiil.  To access Imperial City, choose Campaigns from your menu, then, like Cyrodiil, choose a No CP area.

ESO Campaigns Entering Imperial City No-CP

What Is This Place?

Imperial City is located in the heart of Cyrodiil.  It has 6 districts.  Each district can be captured by a faction.  Like Cyrodiil, the end goal is to control all the map!  But unlike Cyrodiil, Imperial City rewards its own currency:  Tel Var Stones.  As you battle in Imperial City, you’ll notice a multiplier.  This multiplier increases and increases the amount of Tel Var stones you earn for slaying monsters.  

Your Faction’s Home Base

When you arrive in Imperial City, you’ll be in the heart of your faction’s home base.  There are vendors in this area, bounty boards, and an all-important banker.  You’ll want to visit the banker!  As mentioned above, Imperial City has a currency called Tel Var stones.  Tel Var stones, unlike any other currency in ESO, can be lost!  If you get slain by another player, or get killed by monsters, you lose HALF your Tel Var stones.  If you are killed by a player, then that player is awarded the stones you lose!  A good rule of thumb is to visit the banker often and deposit your stones.  Only stones that you carry are at risk.  Please note that your assistant banker and merchant (and the armory guy) cannot be used in either Cyrodiil or Imperial City.

ESO Imperial City Banker Faction Home Base

Figure Out Where You Are

Faction home bases are located in the Imperial City Sewers, which is a world all its own.  To get your event tickets, you need not worry about that world.  It is important that you understand where you are.  Each faction’s home base is near 2 sewer entrances.  This toon is AD (yellow) so the closest sewer entrances are the Temple District and the Arboretum District.  This is important.  If you stay in the area closest to your faction’s home base, you’ll have far less distance to travel to return to its safety when you enter the sewers from the city above.

Entering Imperial City

Now that you know where you need to be, it’s time to enter Imperial City.  You can pick up a daily quest from the Bounty Mission Board or wait until you get above ground.  Typically there are quest givers near the entrance when you climb the ladder.  Here’s an important point – don’t just choose a random ladder.  Choose the ladder that goes to those two nearest sewer entrances to your faction’s home base that we found earlier.  In this case, I’ll take either the Arboretum or the Temple District.  

Get That Last Event Ticket

Once you complete the quest, you enter back into the sewer via the entrance marked on the map.  The sewers do have enemies and other players but generally the areas nearest your faction’s home base will have other of your faction’s players.  When you make it back to the home base, you’ll be able to turn in that quest and get your event ticket!  

Get Me The Heck Out Of Here!

Fair enough.  You have earned your exit!  In the middle of the home base are two doors directly across from each other.  One takes you into the sewers and the other is the exit.  That’s the door you’re looking for!

On the surface, PVP seems intimidating.  Especially if you are new to the game or prefer PVE activities.  However, worse case, you will just die some.  And as was mentioned earlier, it’s just a game.  You really will learn so much more about these areas even with limited exposure.  So get out there and earn those tickets!

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