ESO in 2023 The Shadow of Morrowind Begins Soon!

ESO New Content Scribes of Fate DLC Necrom Chapter Newest Armor Sets
ESO introduced a new class, a new storyline, new dungeons, a new trial, new zones, and so much more in the 2023 Global Reveal. Here's what we know so far!

Announced on January 25 during the ESO Global Reveal Event, the newest DLC will be released on March 13 for PC and on March 28 for consoles.  The Scribes of Fate DLC will begin the year-long story of the Shadow Over Morrowind.  This DLC will include two new exciting dungeons:  Scrivener’s Hall and Bal Sunnar.  We will also begin to explore the history of the Dunmer, the Dark Elves. 

We expect to learn more about the Scribes of Fate during the ESO Live presentation scheduled for Friday, January 27 at 4pm.  We know now that the story centers around Hermeus Mora, the daedric prince of knowledge.  We also know that these areas haven’t been visited since 1994!  ESO has even more fun planned for 2023 including 11 in-game events, and an in-person event this coming spring!

The next chapter to be released June 5 for PC and June 20 for consoles.  It will continue the Shadow over Morrowind story with Necrom.  Necom will introduce two new areas:  Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha.  The Telvanni Peninsula is located off the eastern coast of Morrowind where we will explore and learn Dark Elf lore.  Apocrypha is a realm of Oblivion and the home to forbidden knowledge where we will uncover hidden secrets.

Necrom is the City of the Dead.  It is the place where Dark Elves bury their dead and this city hides a dark conspiracy that can endanger all of Nirn!  The Necrom chapter will be offering over 30 hours of new gameplay.   Players will become the protectors of secrets.  

The chapter Necrom will offer more than just two areas.  We will see new characters like the Dark Elf mage Leramil and returning fan-favorite characters like Morag Tong assassin Naryu.  We will also meet new characters like vampire mercenaries.

You can pre-purchase Necrom today and receive amazing rewards PLUS have immediate access to Sadrith Mora Spore Steed mount and Sadrith Mora Spore Pony pet!  Visit The Elder Scrolls Online for more information.  

Two new companions will be coming with the Necrom chapter.  We look forward to meeting Azandar Al-Cybiades, the Redguard Arcanist and Sharp-As-Night, the Argonian Warden.  Each will feature a unique personality and have their own abilities and stories you can access.

The Necrom chapter will also unveil a new playable class – the Arcanist!  The Arcanist will harness powerful runes, use tomes of ancient knowledge, and use the energy of Apocrypha.  As an arcanist, you can unleash destructive, defensive or restorative magics.  With new skills line, the arcanist can manipulate arcane energies to bombard enemies with damaging blasts, beams, and more using Herald of the Tomb.  The arcanist using Apocryphal Soldier can also dominate a foe’s attention while buffing a group or self and conjure explosive shields with Runespite Ward ability.  As a supportive arcanist using Curative Runeforms, you can use healing runes to keep yourself and a group healthy and shielded.  You can also help navigate portals with the Apocryphal Gate ability.

With Update 40 and the Necrom chapter, we will see a new combat mechanic called Crux.  With Crux, as you activate certain arcanist class abilities, you can generate Crux which can be saved and spent when activating other specific abilities.  The more Crux you save (up to three) the more powerful the ability will become when you spend it.  

If you are a Tales of Tribute fan, get excited because Update 40 will include a new Tribute deck:  Almalexia.  We hope to learn more about this new deck on January 27.

In the Global Reveal, ESO announded they will focus on quality of life updates for the end of the year.  They hinted at all-in-one attunable crafting stations and an endless dungeon that can be played with friends!

ESO will bring us new challenges, new delves, new public dungeons, new world bosses, new group dungeon, a new trial, and a brand new type of world event!  Update 40 will include 10 new items sets, new Antiquities, new collectibles, new Achievements, and new titles.

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