Challenge The Tribute Grand Master Armiger Bolm, The Paramount

ESO Telvanni Peninsula Necrom Challenge of the Paramount
Challenge the Tribute Grand Master Armiger Bold, The Paramount, to a game of Tales of Tribute. Win the ALMSIVI's Charity upgrade for the Almamlexia deck.

Challenge of the Paramount

After completing the 5th zone quest titled ‘An Unhealthy Fate’ in the Necrom Chapter, you will find the Challenge of the Paramount lying on the floor of the Mourner’s Solace Inn near the Tribute challengers’ table.  You will be informed that the Paramount can be found waiting at Three-Waters Meld in the Telvanni Peninsula.  While this is not a marked area, you can locate it near the top of the small waterfall by the water’s edge just east of the Ald Isra Wayshrine.

The Paramount

Armiger Bolm, The Paramount, is a Dark Elf and a Tribute Grand Master.  He, much like the Tribute Founders, selects a special Tribute Deck named after him.  This deck replaced the Saint Pelin deck and uses his own Patron ability for this match.

Winning the Challenge

When you win the Tribute game against Arminger Bolm, you will receive the ALMSIVI’s Charity upgrade to the Mother’s Mercy card in the Almalexia Deck.  You will also receive the Play the Paramount achievement.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 38 Tribute Hidden Master

Earn the Play the Paramount achievement by defeating Tribute Grand Master Armiger Bolm, The Paramount.

Tales of Tribute Travel Kit

With the Play the Paramount achievement, you can visit the Final Rest Furnishings store in Necrom.  Speak with Vasei, an achievement furnishing vendor, and for a mere 11,000 gold you can purchase the Tales of Tribute Travel Kit.  This is a traditional furnishing for your home.  

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