Learn How To Acquire ESO’s Mythic Item The Oakensoul Ring

ESO Antiquity Mythic Item Oakensoul Ring
The Oakensoul Ring is an amazing mythic from High Isle that offers incredible buffs to one-bar builds. How can you get it? Follow this guide.

A Very Unique Mythic

The Oakensoul Ring is a very unique mythic which integrates perfectly into one-bar builds.  While the Oakensoul Ring is equipped, you will be unable to swap between your Primary and Backup Weapon sets.  However, you GAIN a lot!  

  • Empower
  • Major Brutality
  • Major Prophecy
  • Major Resolve
  • Major Savagery
  • Major Sorcery
  • Minor Aegis
  • Minor Berserk
  • Minor Courage
  • Minor Endurance
  • Minor Force
  • Minor Fortitude
  • Minor Heroism
  • Minor Intellect
  • Minor Mending
  • Minor Protection
  • Minor Slayer

This item is available with the High Isle chapter.  You will also need the Greymoor chapter to access Antiquities.

Oakensoul Ring Location

There are five antiquity leads that you must acquire, scry, then excavate in order to form the Oakensoul Ring.  Those leads are:

  • Igneous Inlays
  • Larimar Gems
  • Petrified Oak Loop
  • Sacred Resin
  • Stone Shank Frame
As with all antiquities, lead drops are not guaranteed.  You may have to visit some of these activities and locations multiple times.
ESO Antiquity Lead Oakensoul Ring Mythic Igneous Inlays Lead

Igneous Inlays

This lead can be obtained by defeating Volcanic Vents (world events) located in the High Isle and Amenos.  Learn more about Volcanic Vents in the High Isle Guide.

Volcanic Vents are High Isle’s world events and are marked on the map with what is commonly called the dolmen icon.  There are 7 Volcanic Vents.  Active Vents will appear on the map with a crossed sword.  The nearest wayshrine to each vent is shown on this map also.

ESO Antiquity Lead Oakensoul Ring Mythic Larimar Gems Lead

Larimar Gems

This lead can be obtained by defeating the Titanclaw world boss.

The Titanclaw world boss can be found in southwestern Stormhaven on Mudcrab Beach.  The nearest wayshrine is Bonesnap Ruins.

ESO Antiquity Lead Oakensoul Ring Mythic Petrified Oak Loop Lead

Petrified Oak Loop

This lead can be obtained by looting Safeboxes in Murkmire.  This lead was not part of the contents of the safebox.  It was awarded after the safebox was looted.  Safeboxes are typically found in homes inside towns or villages.  This particular lead was acquired by lockpicking and then trespassing in a home within Dead-Water Village.

ESO Antiquity Lead Oakensoul Ring Mythic Sacred Resin Lead

Sacred Resin

This lead can be obtained by defeating any enemy located in Malabal Tor.  As you do battle, be sure to loot EVERY enemy.

ESO Antiquity Lead Oakensoul Ring Mythic Stone Shank FrameLead

Stone Shank Frame

This lead can be obtained by harvesting blacksmithing nodes in Glenumbra.  Blacksmithing nodes are typically found at the base of cliffs or rocks.  They are easily seen particularly if you are using the Keen Eye passive for blacksmithing.  For more information on the Keen Eye, check out this article.  Don’t forget to use those survey maps too to assist you in finding areas where the ore is plentiful!

Return To High Isle

While the leads, apart from one, are found in other areas of Tamriel, the dig locations for each of these are located in High Isle and Amenos.  You need to have scrying and excavation levels of at least 7 and the Antiquarian Insight IV passive which allows you to scry Master difficulty.

As you unearth each lead, it will be added to your progress.  When all 5 leads are uncovered, you will automatically receive the ring in the highest quality!

One Bar Builds Bonus

After you acquire the Oakensoul Ring, what exactly does it do?  It prevents you from swapping bars making this the perfect accessory for one-bar builds.  This mythic opens up a whole new playstyle for ESO players.  

Thirteen buffs!?!  Let’s explore them.  Major Berserk increases damage, Major Brutality and Major Courage increase weapon damage while Major Courage, and Major Sorcery increase spell damage.  Major Prophecy increases spell critical.  Major Savagery increases weapon critical.  Major Force increases critical damage and Major Protection increases physical resistance and spell resistance.  Major Heroism grants ultimate while Minor Fortitude, Minor Intellect, and Minor Endurance increase recovery of health, magicka, and stamina (respectively).   Wow!  Would you like to see it in action?  Coming soon is the ‘Best One Bar Build Yet’!

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