Necrom’s Treasure Chests Hidden Locations Revealed

ESO Telvanni Peninsula Treasure Location Map
Have a Necrom treasure map? Here's the hidden locations in both the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha.

What Is A Treasure Map?

Treasure Maps are rewards that show the location of special chests that can only be seen when you have the map in your inventory.  You must travel to the specific location, dig the dirt mound, and then a chest will appear for you.

Treasure Map locations do NOT appear on your map.  You can slot the maps for quick access to compare your location.  

ESO Icon Treasure Chest

This map uses the chest icon to denote the location.

Apocrypha Treasure Map Locations

  • Treasure Map CE – on top of a rock formation (you will need to jump from another formation to reach the top)

Telvanni Peninsula Treasure Map Locations

  • Treasure Map CE I – under a large mushroom on a plateau next to a broken off tree
  • Treasure Map CE II – on a small rock formation along the shoreline

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