ESO’s Necrom Prologue Eye of Fate Available Now

ESO Necrom Prologue Eye of Fate
Get the 'Eye of Fate' from the in-game Crown Store to begin ESO's Necrom chapter now! Get your first glimpse at the story and earn an Unstable Emerald Glyphic too!

Eye of Fate

As we are all getting super excited about ESO’s newest chapter, Necrom, to be released in June, we now have a chance to begin the story and take a sneak peek.  In the in-game Crown Store under Quest Starters, you will find the Eye of Fate.  It is the free prologue quest for the Necrom chapter.  

Leramil the Wise

Once you’ve acquired the quest, you will need to travel to Stormhaven.  Using the Wayrest Wayshrine, head north to find Leramil the Wise.  She is standing by a street light across from the Lion’s Crown Outfitters.

Leramil introduces herself as an emissary of Hermaeus Mora and asks for you to work with her and prove your worth to him.  The mission is to preserve the realm of Apocrypha.

Choose One

You are presented with your choice of three portals:

Once inside the portal, you are prompted to read a book that allows you to see a path of illuminated runes.  Follow those runes to find the portal to the vault.

New Enemies

While following the rune-illuminated path, you will encounter the first of the new enemies, Plagued Peasants.  These are easily defeated.

Inside the Vault

Once inside the vault, you will find Dusksabor Infernals and death hounds.  The path is long and winding.  There are many bookshelves, all with books available to be read.  Ultimately you’ll meet up with Draly Arthen and take the Emerald Glyphic.  Using a tailsman, you will then take a portal to Reaper’s March.

ESO Necrom Prologue Eye of Fate

Who Can You Trust?

Dralys attempts to convince you that Leramil the Wise is actually a traitor.  He claims her allegiance is not to Hermaeous Mora.  But can you trust him?  Leramil soon arrives and she is intrigued by Dralys’s claim.  But can you trust her?  

Continue following the quest to the Claw’s Strike Delve.  Inside there you will be about to enter the Shrine of the Golden Eye.  

Once there, you realize who the real traitor is and that concludes in a battle where you will get to see some of the arcanist skills in action.

ESO Necrom Prologue Eye of Fate

Meeting Hermaeus Mora

Near the end of the quest, you will have an opportunity to meet Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince. He asks you to join him in his quest for knowledge and presents you with a contract.  As with all contracts, read it carefully before you sign it.

The quest then ends when you speak again to Leramil the Wise and you will be rewarded with the Unstable Emerald Glyphic memento.

Arcanist Skills Explained!

Check out the video review of EVERY SINGLE Arcanist skill!

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