I Got to Play ESO’s 2023 Chapter Necrom Coming in June!

ESO Necrom Chapter Main Image
Now I can finally tell you about the newest chapter coming to ESO - Necrom! I got a hands on session and can't wait to share what I saw.

Coming In June

We’ve all been waiting for the new arcanist class.  It will be the first new class ESO has offered since 2019.  The arcanist will be launched on PTS on Monday, April 17, and I’ll be able to share even more information then.

A couple weeks back, I was invited to London to get a hands-on session with the new Necrom chapter.  Wow!  Not only is the story great, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is smooth, but the sounds are some of the most incredible sounds I’ve ever heard in a game!

Check out the video for a sneak peek at what I can share.

40 Hours of Gameplay!

The Necrom chapter is going to have over 40 hours of gameplay, 2 new companions, and a new system called Crux.  I found the Arcanist to be easy to play – much easier than the Necromancer.  The Crux system is going to have massive damage shields and even an interactive ultimate!  One of the Arcanist’s passives will grant Minor Evasion to the entire group!  It is a different and fresh idea and was a lot of fun to play.

More Info Coming!

Even more info will be coming over the next couple of days and weeks as I dive into the PTS to check out this new amazing chapter.  In the meantime, enjoy this gallery of images from the Bethesda preview.

Arcanist Skills Explained!

Check out the video review of EVERY SINGLE Arcanist skill!

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