Locate Hidden Lore Books On Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha

ESO Apocrypha Lore Book Location Map
Find the hidden lore books in Necrom's Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha. Both location maps are included here.

What Is A Lore Book?

Shalidor’s Library is a collection of lore books in Tamriel.  Reading lore books within this collection increases your Mages Guild rank.  

ESO In-Game Icon Lore Book

On your map, lore books will appear in your compass as you near it.  Once collected, it will disappear.  You can track your collection under the zone guide.

Apocrypha Lore Book Locations

There are a total of ? lore books to be found in Apocrypha.

  • Lore Book #1 – Modern Heretics
  • Lore Book #2 – Fragmentae Abyssum Hermaeus Morus – inside Leramil’s house on a table
  • Lore Book #3 – The Book Of Daedra – 
  • Lore Book #4 – The Great Houses And Their Uses
  • Lore Book #5 – Mottos Of The Dunmeri Great Houses
  • Lore Book #6 – Sanctioned Murder

Telvanni Peninsula Lore Book Locations

There are a total of ? lore books to be found in the Telvanni Peninsula.

  • Lore Book #1 – Aedra And Daedra – on a ledge near the Outlaws Refuge in Necrom
  • Lore Book #2 – Ancestors And The Dunmer (Abridged) – 
  • Lore Book #3 – Where Magical Paths Meet – on the ledge at the top of the stairs
  • Lore Book #4 – The House Of Troubles – on a counter in the Necrom Bindery

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