A Sneak Peek At The New Armor Sets for Necrom & Update 38

ESO Necrom Chapter Update 38 Preview
PTS is LIVE so we have a sneak peek into the newest armor sets that will be offered with the Necrom Chapter and Update 38 coming in June 2023.

NOTE:  All numbers are based on PTS figures.  Changes may and will occur.  

Overland Armor

Overland armor set pieces can be found as loot rewarded for defeating zone enemies.

Crafted Armor

Crafted armor set pieces can be made at crafting stations located in the newest zone.

ESO Necrom Chapter Update 38 Preview

Trail Armor

Trial armor set pieces can be obtained in the newest trial, Sanity’s Edge.  Perfected versions are available in veteran difficulty instances.

Mythic Items

Mythic items are acquired by finding, scrying, and excavating antiquity leads.

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