Earn Neramo’s Lightning Stick Memento in Vvardenfell’s Nchuleftingth Public Dungeon

ESO Nchuleftingth Public Dungeon Walkthrough Vvardenfell
Explore the Dwemer ruin of Nchuleftingth in Vvardenfell and earn a skyshard and Neramo's Lightning Staff memento. The complete guide is here!

The Ultimate Vvardnfell Zone Guide will assist you with all things Vvardenfell including the Nchuleftingth public dungeon.   

What Is A Public Dungeon?

Public dungeons are a type of dungeon that is non-instanced.  This means that it can be accessed by anyone at any time.  These dungeons are more difficult than delves.  Public Dungeons contain at least one skyshard and often a group challenge that rewards a skill point.  Each public dungeon also offers its own quests and achievements.

ESO Map Icon Public Dungeon

On your map, public dungeons appear with a blackened cave.  Once the public dungeon is completed (by defeating the bosses/mini-bosses and all associated quests), the public dungeon icon turns white.

Nchuleftingth Public Dungeon

Scholars of Dwemer history have concluded that this site on the south slopes of Red Mountain was built late in the reign of the Deep Elves for some specific research purpose—but none can agree on what that purpose was.

Nchuleftingth Location

Travel south from the Nchuleftingth Wayshrine to located Nchuleftingth public dungeon.  Nchuleftingth is a Dwemer ruin occupied by Bronzefist bandits searching for a rare artifact.  There are seven levels to this dungeon.  They include the Nchuleftingth Approach, the Nchuleftingth Bailey, the Nchuleftingth Core, the Nchuleftingth Ruins, the Nchuleftingth Lavaworks, the Nchuleftingth Cathedra, and the Nchuleftingth Sanctuary.  One skyshard is also found in this public dungeon and is notated on the map.

Nchuleftingth Quest

The Heart’s Desire

Outside of Nchuleftingth, you will encounter Neramo.  He is a scholar whose Dwemer control rod has been stolen by a rival, Artisan Lenormen.  Neramo asks for your help to prevent Lenormen from finding the Bthark Prism.

This dungeon contains river trolls, dwarven spheres, and Bronzefist bandits.  Additionally, there are steam vents in the floor that can cause damage.

Artisan Lenormen

Artisan Lenormen is a High Elf who summons centurians to aid him in battle.  He uses a lightning staff and creates electrical aoes.  Focus on Artisan Lenormen as the centurians will die when he is defeated.

As a reward for this quest completion, you will earn the Artificer’s Coat of the War Maiden that is part of the War Maiden armor set and receive the Neramo’s Lightning Stick memento.  

ESO In-Game Icon Gear Dwarven Light Shirt A

Artificer’s Coat of the War Maiden

  • 2 item – adds 657 Critical Chance
  • 3 items adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  • 4 items adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
  • 5 items adds 600 Weapon and Spell Damage to your magic Damage abilities
ESO In-Game Icon Memento Dwarven Lightning Staff

Neramo’s Lightning Stick Memento

You will also receive Neramo’s Lightning Stick memento.

Dungeon Bosses

Nchuleftingth has 6 bosses.  To complete the dungeon, you will need to complete the quest and defeat all 6 bosses. 

Click on the boss name for quick access to that section.

Guardian of Bthark

The Guardian of Bthark is located in the Nchuleftingth Steam Room level found in the Nchuleftingth Approach.  


The Guardian of Bthark is a large Dwarven Centurion.  Centurions attack with two swinging arms.  One arm is a hammer and one arm is an axe.  They wind themselves up and spin dealing quite a bit of damage.  They can also create a static charge aoe and release a cone of steam and sometimes flame.  The Guardian also summons dwarven spiders to aid him.  Avoid the swinging arms as much as possible and focus on the adds when they appear.  


Mud-Tusk is located in the Nchuleftingth Approach.  


Mud-Tusk is a large troll.  He has heavy hits, throws rocks, and summons dwarven spheres to aid in battle.  The Dwarven Arquebus attack with electrical shocks but can be interrupted.  Focus on the adds when they appear.  Ranged attacks work well against Mud-Tusk.

Nchulaeon the Eternal

Nchulaeon the Eternal is located in the Nchuleftingth Core level and is the group boss for this dungeon.


Nchulaeon the Eternal is a large dwarven sphere.  He rolls into each of the three connecting rooms where he transforms into the statue.  While transformed, he summons dwarven spiders and spheres that must be defeated.  In the third room Nchulaeon also summons a dwarven centurian.  After all three rooms are defeated, he returns to the center room again summoning spiders and spheres but also multiple centurians.  Focus on the adds and avoid the electrical aoes when possible.  This isn’t a difficult battle, but there is a lot going on.

Nilarion the Cavalier

Nilarion the Cavalier one of two bosses located in the  Nchuleftingth Ruins level.  


Nilarion the Cavalier is a High Elf and is accompanied by two Bronzefist Arcanists and two Bronzefist Menders.   The Arcanists uses fire staffs and have firey breath.  This large group is easily defeated.  Focus on the Menders as they will heal the group during battle.

Renduril the Hammer and Friar Hadelar

Renduril the Hammer and Friar Hadelar one of two bosses located in the  Nchuleftingth Ruins level.  


Renduril the Hammer and Friar Hadelar are both High Elves.  Friar Hadelar is also a healer.  They use staves and magical attacks but are easily defeated.  Focus on Friar Hadelar first.


Steamreaver is located in the Nchuleftingth Lavaworks level.  Nchuleftingth’s single skyshard is found in this area also.


Steamreaver is a huge Dwarven Spider.  He attacks using electrical shoes and creates aoes with steam.  Steamreaver creates a white swirl around your feat restricting and slowing your movement.  He also summons dwarven spiders to aid in battle.  Focus on the adds and avoid the aoes when possible.


ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfell 013

Defeating Nchulaeon the Eternal will reward you with the Nchuleftingth Group Event achievement.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfell 014

Defeating three of the champions in Nchuleftingth will reward you with the Nchuleftingth Vanquisher achievement.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Vvardenfell 015

Defeating all the champions in Nchuleftingth will reward you with the Nchuleftingth Conquerer achievement.

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