Got A Murder Of Crows Clue? You Can Upgrade a Tales Of Tribute Deck Card

ESO Tales Of Tribute Patron Duke Of Crows
Upgrade your Tales of Tribute gameplay by uncovering clues to unique upgraded cards! Find the Murder of Crows clue location and upgrade now.

Tales Of Tribute Card Upgrade Clues

If you are playing Tales of Tribute, chances are you’ve been rewarded a few card upgrade clues!  These gems stay hidden in the slottable inventory item menu until you use them!

Each clue opens a scroll with a clue to a location throughout Tamriel.  When you find that location, you’ll see a little tribute treasure box that will open to reveal a card upgrade!  

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Card upgrade clues are randomly rewarded.  You can receive and use a clue to upgrade a card even if you don’t yet own the deck.  Upgradable cards are noted under your Tribute deck collections.  You’ll note the card image has a different icon when it has not yet been upgraded.  Not all cards are upgradable.  

The fens so dank And Hags so near. With ruins sank Midst Breton tears. A fallen tree Will mark the way. Here lies your card As flocks mark prey.

Consuming The Murder Of Crows Clue

Once you’ve located the box, your clue will be consumed and your card will be automatically upgraded and available for use during your next Tribute game.

To find the Murder of Crows clue, you must first travel to Glenumbra.  The nearest wayshrine is the North Hag Fen Wayshrine located in the northeastern area of Glenumbra marked on the map.

Travel a little south and look for a large overturned tree.  The tribute treasure box is hidden on the upturned root side.  

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