Hadoloid Matron at Mornard Falls in High Isle And Amenos

ESO High Isle and Amenos World Boss Hadolid Matron at Mornard Falls
Defeat the World Boss the Hadoloid Matron at Mornard Falls in High Isle and Amenos to become a Lobster Cracker.

What Is A World Boss?

World bosses are powerful enemies often with their own unique abilities.  They sometimes require groups of players to overcome.  World bosses in DLC zones are significantly harder than other base game bosses.

ESO Map Icon World Boss

On your map, world bosses appear with a blackened skull and crossed swords icon.  Once the world boss is defeated, the world boss icon turns white.

World Bosses In High Isle and Amenos

High Isle has a total of six world bosses.  You can find specific information about each of them (and lots of other info about High Isle too) in the Ultimate High Isle Zone Guide.  Let’s concentrate on the Sable Knight who is located at Y’ffre’s Cauldron. As mentioned earlier, the key to this battle is ‘Don’t stand in stupid!‘.  

Hadolid Matron at Mornard Falls

Travel southwest from the Flooded Coast Wayshrine or northeast from the Serpents Hollow Wayshrine.  The Hadolid Matron’s location is about the middle of the two.

Mechanics Notes

The Hadolid Matron has a smaller sidekick called the Hadolid Peeler and many other smaller versions called Hadolid Consorts with some in spectral form.  The best strategy is to destroy the adds as they can quickly become overwhelming with a huge amount of small aoes.  The Hadolid Matron also summons swirling water pools and aoe cones that can cause you serious damage.  Expect her to also disappear for a few seconds as she makes a jumping movement and lands with a heavy attack.  

Achievement Earned

ESO Achievement Lobster Cracker

The first time you defeat this world boss you will earn the Lobster Cracker achievement.

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