West Weald’s Minotaur War Party!?!

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The Gold Road chapter featuring the new zone West Weald has it's own wandering boss - a group of them!

Wandering Bosses

The newest ESO chapter, Gold Road, was released in Q2 2024.  Gold Road included an exciting new zone called West Weald.  Of course, like most other zones, there is a main quest line, delves, world bosses, and much more to explore. 

Did you know that there is also a wandering boss?  Yes!  West Weald has a wandering boss – actually a group of them.  Meet the Minotaur War Party!  Wandering bosses first appeared in the Deadlands DLC with the Wandering Executioner.  West Weald offers its own take with a complete war party!

The War Party

The Minotaur War Party consists of 4 minotaurs.  They range in size from small, medium, large, and extra large!  Xurnax, Tragon, Minruk, and Zadrak roam West Weald looking for a fight.  While each minotaur is a different size, they also vary in strength.  This War Party is easily a group event!

Like other minotaurs, this group has heavy-hitting clobbers, cleaves, and chops.  They also can leap to the player furthest away inflicting massive damage.   The minotaurs also slam their weapons onto the ground creating an aoe that can knock you off your feet.  During the battle, you will also notice a fiery totem that appears to heal the minotaurs and must be destroyed as quickly as possible.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 42 Wandering World Boss

Defeat the Minotaur War Party and you will earn the Minotaur Tracker Achievement.

War Party Location

The Minotaur War Party, like other wandering bosses, spawns in random locations.  However, the most common area you will find them is just south of the Ayleid ruin Niryastare and north of the Sutch Wayshrine.  Good luck!

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