ESO’s Lost Depths DLC & Update 35 Is Here!

ESO Non-Combat pet Mulberry Hermit Crab
It's here! The Lost Depths DLC is ready for PC/Mac and Stadia. What does Lost Depths and Update 35 bring to ESO? Here's an overview.

Lost Depths DLC & Update 35

On August 22, 2022, the newest downloadable content for The Elder Scrolls Online, Lost Depths, has arrived for PC/Mac and Stadia.  Console players will have to wait just a little longer as the console release date is scheduled for September 6.

Legacy Of The Bretons Continues

Continuing the year-long story the Legacy of the Bretons, Lost Depths brings 2 new group dungeons that will lead players into the events of this year’s final zone DLC, Firesong.

Graven Deep

Help Dhulef of the Mages guild by going to a mysterious uncharted island and an underwater Dwarven facility.  You will find deadly beasts and the lost souls of sailors who protect the ancient secret of the huge undersea complex.

Can you uncover the mysteries?  Will you be able to stop the storms that plaque the sailors of the Abecean Sea?  Will you discover the new lore regarding the Druid King and his journey to the Systres Archipelago?

There are 3 new armor sets in Graven Deep and 1 monster set.

ESO Lost Depths DLC Earthen Root Enclave Group Dungeon

Earthen Root Enclave

Now under attack from the vicious Firesong Circle, the Enclave was once a sanctuary for all druids.  You will encounter Firesong Warriors, powerful constructs, and corrupted spirits who intend to plunder the once sacred grounds.  

Can you help Druid Laurel defend the Enclave?  Can you protect the relics?  Will you confront the new danger that threatens all of Tamriel?

There are 3 new armor sets in Earthen Root Enclave and 1 monster set.

ESO Lost Depths DLC Earthen Root Enclave Group Dungeon

FREE Non-Combat Pet

Just by entering either of the new dungeons, you will receive a FREE non-combat pet:  the Mulberry Hermit Crab.  Everyone knows Hermit Crabs are plentiful so be sure to get yours today.

Base Game Update 35

Update 35 includes a number of new rewards, achievements, furnishings,  and a few combat changes.  You can read about the changes in ESO’s Patch Notes or see gameplay in action on Twitch.  

There are unique body and face markings, a new memento, unique housing items, new achievements, new titles, and much more.  

ESO Lost Depths DLC Graven Deep Group Dungeon

New Rewards For The Worthy

PVP players won’t be left out of the excitement!  Included with Update 35 are 3 new PVP armor sets.

ESO Lost Depths DLC Enemie Euphotic Gatekeeper

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