How To Level in ESO 2022 Efficiently & Effectively

ESO Leveling Guide 2022
Leveling in The Elder Scrolls Online isn't a grind if you do it efficiently! Avoid wasting time with this newly created guide for 2022.

New And Existing Players Can Enjoy Leveling

This guide is to help NEW and existing players level up from 1-50 EFFICIENTLY in The Elder Scrolls Online, without the inevitable backtracking people waste so much time doing after they realize power leveling got them NOWHERE fast.

Power leveling in ESO is of course very popular, but it has a lot of false hope hidden behind it. You waste a lot of time and resources in order to fast track leveling while spending countless pennies changing gear every 5-10 levels for that apparent “faster leveling” experience, ONLY to have to go all the way through the game again ANYWAY, because of the number of skill points you missed on the way! Inevitably making your “3-4 hour power leveling session” actually more like a few days!

People get to 50 fast, then start joining VETERAN queues for dungeons hoping to get those achievements and loots while performing badly because they learned nothing along the way and don’t have the skill points they need to get even HALF of their passives they intended to aim for, let alone morph anything they have.

Everyone learns at their own pace and that is OK, the community is extremely helpful to new players, but the one thing that will NEVER help a new player is rushing the learning experience.

The ONLY Leveling Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Elder Scrolls Online is an extremely UNIQUE MMORPG and should be approached like any NEW game you have no idea about. Load it up, start playing, and try to understand it as you go in your own time. You don’t already know everything about it just because you played an MMORPG before. The only thing you have experience in is “oooh there are a lot of people here!”. It’s a start but it is not enough 😉 .

NEW power leveling players, while trying to pursue that false endeavor, forget or misunderstand that the leveling process is where you gain most of your experience and ability to perform, where the content is most forgiving, AND where most of the skill points to BUILD your character generally come from.

Learning the mechanics you will encounter, understanding how the basics work, and getting those skill points under your belt make all the difference to the character you are creating.

Your character creation is not done in the character creation screen, it is done between levels 1-50! There is no shortcut for learning, only resources to learn from. But being PREPARED will help with your learning experience a lot!

In this guide, I teach you everything you need to know about the basics of preparing a new character/player with a WIN-WIN strategy for leveling both efficiently AND at a steady pace, so little work whatsoever is required once you do get to that magical level 50 and/or 160cp! Your first few minutes or so of building your character is what will save time LATER, and make you a better player TODAY!


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