Making Shiny Things More Shiny

ESO Keen Eye Treasure Chests
It is worthwhile to invest in the Keen Eye passives. Easily see glowing treasure chests, crafting materials, antiquity dig sites, and more.

Keen Eye For Treasure Chests

If you haven’t yet begun your Antiquities (Scrying and Excavation), you’ll want to.  At Excavation level 9, you can unlock the Keen Eye for Treasure Chests passive.  This passive only has 2 ranks, the latter of which unlocks at Excavation level 10.  This Keen Eye causes Treasure Chests to glow as shown in the image above. The higher the rank, the further away you can ‘see’ the glowing.  The Antiquity System does require the Greymoor DLC.

ESO Keen Eye Passive Woodworking
ESO Keen Eye Passive Alchemy
ESO Keen Eye Passive Blacksmithing

Keen Eye Passives For Crafting Materials

Often overlooked, the Keen Eye passive is extremely handy.  Each crafting skill line (except Provisioning) allows a passive called Keen Eye.  The first rank for 1 skill point allows you to ‘see’ that resource glowing at a 20-meter distance.  With a second skill point, the distance is increased to 30 meters.  Finally, with a third skill point, the distance is 40 meters.  ‘Seeing’ actually means that the valuable resource will glow. 

ESO Keen Eye Passive Dig Sites

Keen Eye For Dig Sites

If you’re having trouble finding Antiquity Dig Sites even with the Antiquarian Eye, then this Keen Eye passive is for you.  It makes dig sites glow.  Rank 1 can be unlocked at Excavation level 2, and rank 2 can be unlocked at Excavation level 4.  Dig sites then glow at either 20 or 30 meters. 

ESO Psijic Portal

See The Unseen Psijic Portals

While not a purchasable passive like the Keen Eye, the Psijic skill line begins with a passive called See The Unseen.  This allows you to see treasure-bearing rifts throughout Tamriel called Psijic Portals which also glow.  These portals contain a variety of goodies including crafting motif chapters, armor or weapons, jewelry, runestones, material, and more.  

To begin the Psijic skill line, you’ll need to first complete the Queen’s Decree quest located near Shimmerene.  Once completed, you’ll have a wayshrine unlocked for Artaeum – the home of the Psijic Order.  After traveling to Artaeum and speaking to Loremaster Clarus at the Ceporah Tower, you will be assigned your first quest for the Psijic Order skill line called The Psijics’ Calling.  The passive will unlock for free once you have received this quest.  

ESO Thieves Trove

Finders Keepers With The Thieves Guild

If you own the Thieves Guild DLC, you have the ability to unlock the Thieves Guild skill line.  There you will find a passive called Finders Keepers.  Unlocking that passive will allow you to see Thieves Troves.  Thieves Troves are small glowing wood containers marked with the Thieves Guild symbol.  Items taken from the Troves are considered stolen and must either be sold to a fence or laundered.  Although you can also deconstruct stolen gear or weapons.  

Lots Of Shiny Stuff And Things

With all the glowing valuables, it is easy to get distracted.  It would be more of a shame to miss out on the riches and rewards.  Activate the passives and reap the benefits.  

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