Best Laid Plans For July 2024

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Get ready for a packed month in July 2024 as ESO continues its 10th Anniversary Celebration. Enjoy excellent daily login rewards, participate in exciting in-game events, and stay tuned for details on Update 43 and the PTS. Don't miss out on all the fun and rewards!

July Daily Login Rewards

July 2024 Login Rewards are particularly rewarding.  On Day 2, you can claim a free DLC – Clockwork City!  Be sure to check out the Ultimate Clockwork City Zone Guide!

On Day 3-7, you can claim a free Wild Hunt Crown Crate for a total of 5!  Wild Hunt Crown Crates can receive Wild Hunt themed Apex rewards and new content in the Superior, Epic, and Legendary categories.  You also have a chance to obtain a variety of collectibles you may have missed or other retired cosmetic items, non-combat pets, mounts, and furnishing items.  

Here’s an example of what you might receive:  

  • Wild Hunt Bear
  • Wild Hunt Camel
  • Wild Hunt Guar
  • Wild Hunt Horse
  • Wild Hunt Senche
  • Wild Hunt Wolf
  • Wild Hunt Aura
  • Wild Hunt Transform
  • Tapestry of Hircine
  • Statue of Hircine

On Day 9, you can claim 500 Seals of Endeavor.  On Day 14, you can claim the Mirscarcand Monocle.  And On Day 21, you can claim 50,000 gold!

Anniversary Rewards

From July 2 to August 15, you can unlock the Gold Road Recall Customized Action.  This is FREE and available in the in-game Crown Store after you have earned the Champion of Vivec Achievement.  You only need to complete the Vvardenfell zone main questline.  

Anniversary Roadmap for July

Chaos Ball Weekend will begin July 11 through July 16.  

100% XP Boost will begin July 18 through July 23.

Whitestrake’s Mayhem In-Game Event will begin July 25 through August 6.

Update 43 Already?

Last, but certainly not least, it is time to start thinking about Update 43!  On Wednesday, July 3, ESO will host a live preview of the base-game patch.  PTS for Update 43 is scheduled for Monday, July 8.

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