ESO’s Anniversary Jubilee Is Here!

This year’s Jubilee Celebration is very special because ESO turns 10!  That’s right, 10 years of The Elder Scrolls Online.  So to celebrate this huge milestone, ESO has made this year’s Jubilee better than ever!  Beginning April 4, 2024, at 10am EDT and continuing until April 23, 2024, at 10am EDT, this Jubilee event is extended from year’s past.

A new Jubilee cake will make its debut but you don’t have to ‘eat a slice’ to earn the extra 100% XP buff as it is now active during the entire event!  Be sure to complete the quest ‘For Cake’s Sake’ to earn the new Jubilee Cake.  You can find this quest by speaking to Mogh, a young Kahjiit apprentice chef.  She can be found near the docks of Vulkhel Guard, Davon’s Watch, and/or Daggerfall.  This quest can also be acquired FREE in the Quest Starters section of the in-game Crown Store.

Event Tickets

When you have completed the ‘For Cake’s Sake’ quest, you will earn the new 2024 Jubilee Cake memento.  Event Tickets are earned by ‘eating a slice’ of the new cake!  A total of 60 Event Tickets can be acquired during this event!  But remember, you can only carry 12 at a time!

Jubilee Gift Boxes

This year Gift Boxes can be earned from additional sources.  You can earn Gift Boxes from any of the following sources:

  • any daily quest including:
    • daily crafting writs
    • daily delve, world boss, and incursion event quests
    • daily Alliance War and Battlegrounds quests
    • daily dungeon and trial quests
    • daily heist and sacrament quests
  • killing and looting any final dungeon boss
  • killing and looting any final trial boss
  • killing and looting any world boss
  • completing any incursion event, such as a Dark Anchor, Abyssal Geyser, Bastion Nymic, or similar 
  • Rewards for the Worthy reward mails (the Gift Box will appear inside the parcel received)
  • a chance from Tales of Tribute reward mails, with a higher chance to receive one based on the challenge of the opponent or the number of opponents faced during a day (the Gift Box will appear inside the parcel received)

One Glorious Anniversary Jubille Gift Box can be earned per day and will be the first Gift Box earned from any source.  All other Gift Boxes will be the regular Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes.

What’s In Those Boxes?

Great question!  Glorious Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes (available once daily) contain:

  • crafting materials
  • a motif chapter, furnishing recipe, or style item
  • a tradeable outfit style page from the new Earthone Ayleid armor style
  • a fragment for the new Jubilee Steed mount (you will need 25 total fragments to make the Steed)
  • 1 to 10 Transmute Crystals 
  • Desecrated Grave Soil, a Worm Cult style item

Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes (no limit) will contain:

  • crafting materials
  • a small chance for a motif chapter, furnishing recipe, or style item
  • a chance for 1 to 10 Transmute Crystals
  • a chance for Desecrated Grave Soil, the Worm Cult style item
  • a small chance for a tradeable style page from last year’s Bonemold armor style
  • a small chance for a tradeable style page from any of the Bonemold, Saberkeel, or Worm Cult outfit styles

In addition to the Gift Boxes you can also earn new cosmetic rewards that have never before been earnable in-game.  Here’s what you can get and how to get it:

  • an extremely small chance from any fishing node during the Jubilee, you may find outfit style pages for the Trueflame Sword Replica.
  • any dolmen reward chest has a chance to contain a style page from the Staff of Worms Replica (intended to recognize Mannimarco’s dark deeds)
  • any world boss in Vvardenfell has a chance to drop a style page for either the Sunna’rah Replica or the Barbas Helmet Replica
  • any geyser in Summerset has a chance to drop a style page for the Ul’vor Staff

Event Ticket Vendors

Since you can earn a total of 60 Event Tickets during this celebration event, you’ll want to be sure to spend them.  Remember you can only carry 12.  This event’s vendors will offer some great items.  The Impresario will offer:

  • all three Molag Bal Illusion Imp pet fragments
    • Anchor Chain Fragment
    • Dark Anchor Pinion
    • Effigy of the Dominator
  • the first two fragments for the new Master of Schemes personality
    • Cold Iron Gauntlet
    • Grim Iron Mask
  • bound style pages for the new Earthbone Ayleid armor style
  • Anniversary Cake furnishings (you must own this year’s cake memento to buy these)
  • Jubilee Steed mount fragments
  • Bags of Jubilee Yesteryear containing the following (providing only item which you do not currently own)
    • bound Worm Cult motif chapters
    • Jephrine Paladin armor style pages
    • Imperial Champion armor style pages
    • Prophet armor style pages
    • Lyris armor style pages
    • Sai Sahan armor style pages
    • Abnur Tharn armor style pages
    • bound Saberkeel armor style pages
    • bound Bonemold armor style pages
    • Aurora Fireport Spider parts (excluding the instructions)
    • Desecrated Grave Soil 
  • Group Repair Kits
  • Companion Guild Commendations

Philius Dormier, the Impresario’s Assistant

Philius will be offering, in addition to his usual wares, the following:

  • all three Unstable Morpholith Pet Fragments
  • all three Deadlands Scorcher Skin Fragments

Nenuluare, the Indrik Vendor

Nenuluare can be found in Craglorn and she will be offering the following:

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers
  • Luminous Indrik Berries
  • Icebreath Indrick Berries
  • Shimmering Indrik pet
  • Rimedusk Indrik pet

So much to earn, so many ways to celebrate!  Enjoy!

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