Update 40 Brings Changes to Jewelry Crafting And Writs

ESO Update 40 Jewelry Crafting Artwork
A rebalancing of the jewelry crafting will help make it more in line with other crafting disciplines. Here's what's coming.

Jewelry crafting is a skill line that was introduced in 2018 with the Summerset chapter.  It was intended to be a line for high-end rewards.  As with the other crafting disciplines like woodworking, blacksmithing, and clothing, jewelry crafting allows you to create jewelry, set pieces, and also improve those items.  

It is widely known that jewelry anything is crazy expensive.  The system to gain materials needing dust and grains which then can be made into usable platings,  With Update 40, that will change. 

To rebalance of Jewelry Crafting and to help bring its costs more in line with the game’s other crafting disciplines massive changes will be made.  This includes completely removing Jewelry Crafting grains and converting them into platings! However, to ensure that Jewelry Crafting’s costs line up with the other crafting types, ESO has also increased the total boosters needed to upgrade your jewelry, too.  

This will all happen behind the scenes automatically.  Changes you may notice will include current grains will be renamed ‘Ancient Grains’.  Current platings will be renamed ‘Ancient Platings’. 

Update 40 will convert every Ancient Grain into one new plating.  Every Ancient Plating will be converted into ten new platings.  

Jewelry crafting writs have also been revisited and updated again to make them more in line with the other crafting disciplines.  Update 40 will make it easier and less expensive to create and improve jewelry as compared to the current system.  We are looking forward to these jewelry changes!

More Info Coming Soon!

With the upcoming patch notes release and the ability to see Update 40 in action, more details will be coming soon.  Be sure to check back often.  

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