No Joking! The Annual Jester’s Festival Returns To Tamriel

ESO Annual Jester's Festival Event 2022
The annual Jester's Festival makes a welcome return on Thursday bringing amusement to everyone with this unique event and entertaining rewards!

Event Tickets Return With Festival

Three Event Tickets will be rewarded for the first Jester’s Festival quest completed each day during the annual event which begins Thursday, March 31, at 10am EDT and ends Thursday, April 7, at 10am EDT.

A total of 24 Event Tickets can be earned during this event.  Don’t forget that you can only hold 12 Event Tickets!  You can check how many you have under Currency.  


Fragments For Pet & Skin Available

During this event, all three fragments for the Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet will be available.  Those fragments include the Hollowed Hourglass, the Illimuniated Dragon Scroll, and the Kvatchian Incense.  Don’t worry – the Impresario will not let you purchase a fragment you already own.

The Scales of Akatosh Skin requires three fragments.  All three of those fragments will be available during this festival.  Those fragments are the Aureate Anointing Oils, Lustrous Ritual Sand, and Sacred Scale.  Remember in order to make this skin, you must first create the Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet.  Morphing that Pet along with the extra skin fragments creates the skin.

Offerings For The Jester’s Festival

Additional prizes can be purchased with Event Tickets like style pages for the Second Seed Outfit Style or Cadwell’s Surprise Box memento fragments.

You can also shop in the Crown Store for other festival items like the Jester’s Music Box, the Nightmare Stick Horse mount, or the Adorable Catwell Pet.

How To Participate In The Jester’s Festival

The Crown Store will offer a free quest called the Jester’s Festival Invitation Quest to get you on your way to merrymaking.  You can also visit any of the jester pavillions which can be found within the major cities and sped to any one of three jesters.

Festival Box Rewards

Each time you complete a jester’s daily quest you will earn a Jester’s Festival Box.  The first quest you complete each day will reward you with a Stupendous Jester’s Festival Box.  There will be several quests available each day.

Both the Jester’s Festival Box and the Stupendous Jester’s Festival Box can contain any combination of the following items:

  • Festive Dazzlers
  • Cherry Blossom Confetti
  • Revelry Pies
  • Festive Furnishings
  • Jester’s Festival Provisioning recipes
  • ‘Stealies’ that can be sold to vendors for Gold
  • Cadwell’s Surprise box memento fragment

Stupendous Jester’s Festival Boxes have a chance to contain the following items:

  • Jester’s Scintillator runebox
  • Cherry Blossom Branch runebox
  • Cadwell’s Kitchen Weapon Style Page
  • Joke Popper Fragments
  • Fragment for 2020’s Sovereign Sow Pet
  • Second Seed Style Outfit Style pages

Cadwell’s Surprise Box Memento

This year’s celebration will have a brand new quest ‘Getting The Band Together’.  This quest can be acquired from Samuel Gourone who will be located at every festival pavilion.  Complete this quest and you will earn an additional daily reward box.

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