Isobel Veloise, The New ESO Companion, And How To Get Her

ESO Companion Dame Isobel Veloise
We look forward to welcoming Isobel Veloise, a knight in training, as our companion ally when the new chapter, High Isle, releases in June.

High Isle Brings New Traveling Companions

Coming in June, with the newest chapter release from ESO entitled High Isle, we will see TWO new traveling companions.  Joining our allies list will be Isobel and Ember.  Each will bring a new story, new achievements, and a new style of gameplay.

Introducing Isobel Veloise

Isobel Veloise is one of High Isle’s most gifted knight candidates.    Isobel comes highly recommended by Knight Commander Jourvel who informed Duchess Elea Dufort by letter that Isobel and the Commander’s daughter, Aurelia, have been friends since they were very young.  

Even at a young age, Isobel wanted to join the order of the knights.  Her family background is that of a good solid family who owns and operates Velosie Mercantile bringing goods from Vvardenfell to the Systres Archipelago.

How To Add Isobel To Your Allies

To add Isobel you must first complete the introductory quest.  Visit the Castle Navire Wayshrine which is located in the southeastern area of High Isle.  There you will see 2 people having an animated conversation. 

As with previous companions, once you complete their introductory quest, she will join your list of allies.  You can alternatively start the quest by speaking with Isobel directly.  

Please note that this same quest must be completed on all your characters in order to summon Isobel as a companion.  

Dame Isobel Veloise’s Backstory

Isobel even as a youth set her sights on joining the knighthood.  Knight Commander Jourvel offered her a place with the Jourvel household to allow her to begin studying for what was sure to be her future career.

Through the quest, and as we continue our rapport with her, we’ll find that Isobel is honest, dedicated, fearless, and kind.  All those qualities make an excellent knight.  Isabel is also a bit of a bookworm.  She prefers stories of chivalry and romance.

Isobel’s Companion Skills

Isobel is a Breton with a templar-based skill set.  Here’s a brief look at her skills and passives.

Racial Passive Isobel Veloise

ESO Companion Passive Skill Isobel Veloise Enchanted


This passive decreases her ability cooldowns by 3% and the damage taken by 3%.

Blazing Might

ESO Companion Skill Blazing Might Sun Brand

Sun Brand

The companion hurls a blazing ball of fire at an enemy dealing 4050 Flame Damage on impact and an additional 3032 Flame Damage over 8 seconds.

ESO Companion Skill Blazing Might Penetrating Strikes

Penetrating Strikes

The companion attacks four times with a magic spear dealing 1012 Magic Damage to all enemies in front of them with each strike.  After their assault, the companion grants themselves and nearby allies a boon that increases the damage of their next Light or Heavy Attack by 50%.

ESO Companion Skill Blazing Might Divine Destruction

Divine Destruction

The companion unleashes a concentrated beam of divine energy at an enemy dealing 15185 Magic Damage over 3 seconds.  This is used when the enemy is below 25% Health.

ESO Companion Skill Blazing Might Baneslayer


The companion channels their energy and conjures a weapon made of sunlight before striking downward dealing 4050 Magic Damage to all enemies in front of them.  Enemies damaged by Baneslayer have particles remaining on them for 10 seconds that detonates for 2025 Magic Damage when a player deals damage to them.

Brilliant Shield

ESO Companion Skill Brilliant Shield Solar Ward

Solar Ward

The companion summons the power of the sun to defend themselves from harm reducing incoming damage by 20% and granting a damage shield that absorbs up to 12.5% of their Max Health for 6 seconds.

ESO Companion Skill Brilliant Shield Gallant Blitz

Gallant Blitz

The companion charges toward their enemy with a vibrant spear that bursts in a flash of light setting all enemies in the area Off Balance for 7 seconds.

ESO Companion Skill Brilliant Shield Spear Of Light

Spear Of Light

The companion hurls a barrage of spears made of radiant light at all targets in front of them dealing 2025 Magic Damage and knocking them down for 4 seconds.  This attack ignores the enemy’s resistances.

Healing Grace

ESO Companion Skill Healing Grace Blessed Sacrament

Blessed Sacrament

The companion sends out a burst of soothing light healing themselves or a nearby ally for 2025 Health and an additional 759 every 2 seconds for 8 seconds as the light momentarily lingers.  This is used when the companion or an ally is below 75% Health.

ESO Companion Skill Healing Grace Holy Ground

Holy Ground

The companion consecrates the ground under them for 8 seconds healing themselves and nearby allies 1012 Health every 2 seconds and snaring enemies by 50%.  This is used when the companion or a nearby ally is below 75% Health or if an enemy is nearby.

ESO Companion Skill Healing Grace Beam Of Reproach

Beam Of Reproach

The companion bathes an enemy in a beam of sunlight immediately dealing 2025 Magic Damage and healing allies nearby for 2025 Health.  The residual light will then continue to heal allies near the enemy for 506 Health every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.

Leveling Companions

All companions have the abilities and skill lines that can be leveled.  A more detailed companion guide is in progress and in the meantime, you can level your companion by using them!  Isobel, or any other companion, has to be active in combat to increase their levels.  Quest and building rapport are the only exceptions.  Companions level at the rate of 15% of the experience players gain from combat only.  Companions level to the max of 20.

Companions can be used as an extra member of your group or questing party but cannot be summoned nor used in PVP areas.  You cannot be in combat to summon a companion.

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