A New PVE Challenge Will Arrive With Update 40 – Infinite Archives

ESO Update 40 Endless Archive Enemies
How long can you survive? ESO's Update 40 will introduce the new Infinite Archive, a new PVE challenge in Tamriel.

A New Challenge for PVE 

Update 40 will introduce a new PVE challenge for Tamriel.  The Infinite Archive is part of the base game update.  All players will be able to access the Endless Archive with your map or if you own the Necrom chapter, by entering the physical entrance located in Apocrypha.  ESO Plus members will receive an additional bonus of +10% to their Archival Fortunes for exploring Infinite Archives.

Continuing the Shadow Over Morrowind storyline for 2023, Master Malkhest needs your help to stop the chaos in one of the infinite libraries.  Infinite Archive can be played solo or duo.  You can use a friend or even a companion.  There will be separate leaderboards. Note that the Infinite Archive is NOT a timed activity. 

 ESO is 9 years old with 40 (the upcoming) updates!  The developers wanted to showcase all the massive content from ESO and not just dungeons and trials.  So the Infinite Archive pulls its enemies from ALL of Tamriel!  Hermaeus Mora has a massive collection of text documenting every single detail of Tamriel – the enemies are pulled from his texts.  That’s right – enemies from quests and storylines can also appear.  over 60 bosses (and their unique characteristics) were used.  

Infinite Archive has only one version.  No minimum cp is required to enter.  The difficulty will increase the further you go.  Rewards also increase!  The primary focus is on build diversity.  Every run will be different.  Each stage and encounter will be randomly generated. 

Threads of Fate

As you begin at the Index of the Infinite Archive, you will have a total of 3 Threads of Fate.  Essentially these are your lives.  If you are playing with another player, you don’t lose a Thread unless you BOTH die.  This means that if one falls, the other can resurrect without losing a ‘life’.  

ESO Update 40 Endless Archive Verse or Vision Choice

Your first battle will be a ‘stage’.  After completing 3 stages, you will have a boss fight that will complete a ‘cycle’.  Complete 3 cycles and you will need to defeat an ‘arc’ boss.  

Verses and Visions

At the end of each stage, you will be presented with a book that allows you to choose one of two verses.  These verses will provide a boon/buff for your next stage.  After completing a cycle, you will be offered the opportunity to choose a vision.  Each vision also acts as a boon/buff that will remain with you throughout your expedition.  Visions will stack!  There are over 40 random visions and verses available with the possibility of more to be added in the future. 

You can earn even more rewards if you are presented an opportunity to enter a Portal to the Unknown!  This too will be randomly generated.  Inside the Portal, you may earn an additional verse that can be used for the next stage.  

ESO Update 40 Endless Archive Archival Fortunes

Show Me The Money

Rewards can be class set drops (click for more information on Class Sets), antiquity leads, Archival Fortunes, and much more including some items that can ONLY be found in the Infinite Archive.  Archival Fortunes is a new currency that will be introduced.  Note that Archival Fortunes are not capped.  You can visit specialized merchants and exchange Archival Fortunes for furnishings, gear, and even additional bonus verses!

Experience Points are earned in the Endless Archive.  Progress in the Endless Archive cannot be saved.  There is a quest in the Endless Archive but only 1 Arc needs to be defeated to complete the quest.  You will also be guaranteed a class set drop when you complete an arc.  Drops are curated to the class you are.

As an additional opportunity for even more rewards, a Maurauder can randomly appear begging after completing arc 2.  If you do not defeat him when you see him, he will not respawn during that instance.

More Info Coming Soon!

With the upcoming patch notes release and the ability to see Update 40 in action, more details will be coming soon.  Be sure to check back often.  

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