Your High Isle Adventure Can Begin Today

ESO Crown Store Prologue Quest Ascending Doubt
With the FREE prologue quest, Ascending Doubt, that's now available in the ESO Crown Store, you can begin your new High Isle adventure today.

Start Your High Isle Adventure Now

The preview event on Thursday was exciting!  You can read all about it in a previous article.  There is also a High Isle Guide that recaps everything we know so far.  The new High Isle chapter is amazing and I cannot wait to play it through.  The good news is that we don’t have to wait to get started.  

The ESO Crown Store now has the High Isle Prologue quest available for download TODAY!  This prologue quest, Ascending Doubt, is FREE and available across all platforms.

Jakarn Needs Our Help

I meet with Jakarn in Grahtwood near the Undaunted Enclave.  Locations may change depending on your character’s faction.  He tells me that he’s on a secret mission and needs my help.  But first, we must travel to Vvardenfell to meet with his secret contact.  Conveniently, he has a wagon waiting.

Meeting With Jakarn’s Secret Contact, Tarazka

In Vvarndenvell, Jakarn and I meet with this secret contact, Tarazka.  He informs us that he and his associates know of a High Elf prisoner being transported by a group called the Ascendant Order.  Tarazka tells us a little more about the Ascendant Order but I’ll leave it to you to find out for yourself.

Exploring A New Delve, Pulk Delve

After gaining valuable information from Tarazka, Jakarn and I head into Pulk Delve.  We are looking to recover the prisoner!  Keep on the lookout – this delve does contain a Skyshard!  I had not been in this delve before so I made to sure to collect it.

With the prisoner recovered, we are then assigned a new task – locate 5 missing medallions.  The search for those takes us into an Ascendant Order Hideout.  

No Spoilers Here

Rather than narrate the quest, show you maps, or walk you through the quest step-by-step, I’d like you to simply enjoy the story.   It took about 20 minutes to fully complete it. 

I will offer you the warning that the Ascendant Champion is involved.  And does anyone else get a kick out of Jakarn saying that he’s there to ‘help’ and will jump into battle if we need him yet he stands idly by?

The Lovely Lady Arabelle

Last, but certainly not least, we get to meet the lovely Lady Arabelle.  She will be a mentor to us in the upcoming High Isle adventure.  While we’ve learned a little about the Ascendant Order, she also tells us a little about the Society of the Steadfast.  Both groups will play an important part in the next adventure.

More Info On The Way

Be sure to check back often for even more information on the upcoming release!   If you want to see some of the content in action, be sure to follow or subscribe to my Twitch stream or follow me on YouTube.  Exclusive information can also be found on Patreon with early access perks. 

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