You Don’t Want To Miss This – High Isle Preview Event Is Today!

ESO High Isle Preview Event Main
The High Isle Chapter Preview Event is today! Join Bethesda on Twitch at 4pm AND receive a Crown Crate and a Purple Torchbug for watching!

Our First Look At The High Isle Chapter

Today, Thursday, April 14, at 4pm EDT on, we will get our first spoiler-free look at the gameplay for the new chapter High Isle.  

In January, we got our first sneak peek into what ESO has in store for us during 2022.  You can review this article as a reminder of what we learned.

While the Ascending Tide DLC officially began the Legacy of the Bretons, this next chapter will finally reveal the new world and the new saga.  Creative Director Rich Lambert, Art Director CJ Grebb, and Writer-Designer Taylor Cyr will discuss the adventure and share some gameplay!

Tale Of Tribute Coming Soon To Taverns In Tamriel

We are also going to receive a close look at the new card game entitled Tales of Tribute.  This is a deckbuilding game that will be played in-game.  We will be shown how the gameplay works, how it’s different compared to other card games, and also how to win!

Official High Isle Gameplay Trailer Reveal

At some point during the show, we will get our first chance to see High Isle’s first gameplay trailer.  

Ouroboros Crown Crates and Purple Torchbug Pet Rewards

Just for tuning in, we will receive an Ouroboros Crown Crate AND a Purple Torchbug pet.  Please make sure that your Twitch account is linked to your ESO account BEFORE the stream begins.

Stay Tuned For The Post Show

Immediately following the preview, Senior Community Manager Gina Bruno and Lead Community Manager Jess Folsom will be joined by Lead Gameplay Designer Rob Garrett and Senior Systems Designer Irenio Calmon-Huang for a LIVE demo of the Tales of Tribute card game.  We will have a chance to see how the card game works from the start to the finish.  They will also walk us through its mechanics and various strategies.

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