Begin The Heroes Of High Isle Community Event On September 29

ESO Event Heroes Of High Isle
Come together with your fellow adventurers during the Heroes of High Isle Event and unlock new reward starting September 29 at 10am EDT.

Wanted:  High Isle Adventurers

Beginning Thursday, September 29 at 10am EDT and running until Tuesday, October 11 at 10am EDT, the in-game event Heroes of High Isle allows the entire ESO community to work together to unlock amazing rewards.  If you have already earned that acheivement, thnen your progress will count automatically on September 29 when the meter become active. 

ESO Icon Achievement 045

To earn the High Isle Pathfinder achievement, you only need to discover all the striking locales.  Those locales are:

  • Spriggan’s Crown
  • Banished Refuge
  • Green Serpent Getaway
  • Augury Monoliths
  • Albatross Leap
  • Stonelore Falls

Watching The Meter

The Elder Scrolls Online has created a special page for the community to track the progress of the event.  You can find it here.

Get Rewarded

As the meter climbs, rewards unlock.  The higher the meter, the more rewards unlock.

  • at 33%—Oak’s Promise markings
  • at 66%—Plant Yourself emote
  • at 100%—Ascendant Hoard Box
  • at 100%—Appleback Salamander pet (ESO Plus members only)
  • at 100%—Bonus mystery reward to be revealed during the Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event Stream!

Be sure to tune into on Thursday, September 29 at 3pm EDT for the Legacy of the Breton’s Autumn Event.

Ascendant Hoard Boxes

As you explore High Isle (don’t forget to use the Ultimate High Isle Zone Guide), you will be rewarded with the Ascendant Hoard Box.  This reward box will contain many in-game items including the following:

  • an Ascendant Lord Statue
  • crafting writs
  • High Isle item sets
  • high-level companion gear
  • Outfit Change Tokens
  • Riding Lessons
  • Tel Var Stones
  • Transmute Crystals
  • Undaunted Plunder and Undaunted Keys
  • Unattuned Crafting Stations

Learn more about the Undaunted in the Undaunted Guide and learn about Transmute Crystals in this article.

Completing Quests

As you complete quests by exploring High Isle, you will also earn bonus rewards.  Get the event introductory quest titled ‘The Island Tour’ from the in-game Crown Store or Impresario tent to begin.  The first time you complete a daily quest during the Heroes event, you will receive a Society of the Steadfast’s Largesse Coffer.  Alternatively, you can complete the Dreadsail Reef trail weekly quest instead.  The Steadfast’s Largesse Coffer is a new reward bos that may contain some of these items:

  • guaranteed chance for one or more of the following items:
    • random crafting materials
    • High Isle treasure
    • style item for High Isle motifs
    • High Isle overland set item
    • companion gear (either Ember or Isobel must be your active companion for this reward)
  • a chance for one of the following:
    • High Isle furnishings
    • High Isle furnishing recipe
    • High Isle Treasure Map or Survey Report
    • High Isle motif page
  • a small chance for a tradable page from the new Oaken order armor style

Daily Quest Rewards

Continue questing and each daily quest (after the first) will reward you will the Society of the Steadfast’s Munificence Coffers.  These coffers contain similar items but have a smaller chance for the rarer rewards.  

Earn Society of the Steadfast’s Munificence Coffers with the following activities:

  • delve and world bosses
  • Dreadsail Reef non-final bosses
  • Dreadsail Reef final boss
  • Volcanic Vents
  • monsters
  • opening treasure chests
  • opening safeboxes
  • looting crates, barrels, sacks, and more
  • opening psijic portals
  • opening thieves troves
  • gathering crafting resource nodes
  • pickpocketing 

Double Rewards

Both the High Isle daily quests and the weekly Dreadsail trial quest will offer DOUBLE their regular non-event reward boxes.  And during the event period, the zone’s harvest node yields are increased and you will earn additional rewards from all world bosses, public dungeon bosses, trial bosses, and delve bosses in High Isle.

Event Tickets

The Impresario will be back and you can earn up to two Event Tickets per day the first time you complete a High Isle zone daily quest.  You can collect a total of 26 tickets during this event.  Don’t forget that you can only hold 12 Event Tickets at a time!

The Impresario will be offering all three Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet fragments:

  • Hallowed Hourglass Basin
  • Illuminated Dragon Scroll
  • Kvatchian Incense

All three are required to create the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet.  The Impresario will not let you purchase a fragment you already have.

Additionally, she will offer all three fragements needed for the Daggerfall Paladin Outfit:

  • Blessed Rubedite Enamel
  • Captured Dragonflame
  • Sanctified Metalworking Tools

When you have all three of these, you combine them with the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet to form the outfit.

Additional items from the Impresario will be:

  • group repair kits
  • bound style pages for the Oaken Order style
  • companion guild commendations

Remember that the companion guild commendations works on the active companion only.

Nenulaure, the Indrik Vendor

Nenulaure will be back with the opporutnity to use Event Tickets to purchase the following:

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers
  • Onyx Indrik Berries
  • Mossheart Indrik Berries
  • Ebon-Glow Indrik pet
  • Sapling Indrik pet

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