High Isle Is Here! The Next ESO Chapter Arrived Today!

ESO High Isle Chapter Released June 2022
Continue your ESO adventure with the new High Isle chapter! Update 34 and High Isle come to PC/Mac/Stadia today! Here's all you need to know!

High Isle Released For PC/Mac/Stadia Today

Continuing the year-long saga entitled Legacy of the Bretons, the High Isle chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online is finally released today for the PC/Mac/Stadia.  Console players must wait just a little longer until June 21.

Along with the new High Isle content, we also received Update 34 which adds some great quality of life changes and general functionality updates.  You can find lots of info and lots of images in the High Isle Guide.

Mundus Stones Now Part Of The Armory Saves

A much-requested addition to the armory system was that we could be able to save our Mundus stone specific to each build.  Thankfully, that is now a fact.  You can read more about this feature in this article and if you want to know more about the armory, then check out this article.

Start High Isle With The Prologue

Be sure to start your High Isle storyline by doing the Prologue.  This questline was actually released prior to High Isle but it begins the new storyline as we learn more about the Legacy of the Bretons.  You can find more information about this prologue in this article.

ESO’s Beginning Player Tutorial Has Changed

To be able to choose where you want to start a new character is HUGE!  Additionally, you can pick from the beginning which weapon skill line you want to work on.  If you don’t know about the new tutorial, take a look at this article.

Two New Companions Join Our Allies

Two new allies join us in our Tamriel adventures.  There is a ton more information in articles on Isoble Veloise and Ember.  Both bring unique storylines and unique abilities.

High Isle Streams And Patch Notes

Check out these videos where we discuss the upcoming High Isle chapter including gear changes, patch notes, and championship point changes.

Tales Of Tribute Is Finally Here

Taking Tamriel’s pubs by storm is the action-packed Tales of Tribute (ToT for short)!  This exciting card game can be played PVE and PVP with a ranking system.  Most importantly, you will receive rewards, win or lose, just for playing!  Check out these articles on ToT:  Overview of Tales Of Tribute, ToT Cardplay, and ToT Patrons.

A New Quickslot Wheel System

With potions, food, allies, pets, maps, emotes, and tools, it doesn’t take long for the Quickslot wheel to become full.  Long have we wished for more spaces!  ESO has delivered.  It’s just as simple to use and offers a lot of room with easy access.  Find out more about the Quickslot changes in this article.

High Isle Public Dungeons

Two new public dungeons have arrived with High Isle.  Ghost Haven Bay and the Spire of the Crimson Coin.  Both are packed with amazing rewards and tough enemies.  You can see more about the Spire of the Crimson Coin in this article.

New World Events Called Volcanic Vents

Smoking (and I mean that literally) new world events will be introduced on High Isle.  Volcanic Vents will appear on maps with a familiar identifier – the same that is used for dolmens.  And don’t forget, now those will be marked with crossed swords so that you can easily see which one is active.  You can read more about Volcanic Vents in this article.

Build Updates In The Works

New gear sets, changes to old sets, and other changes!  What will it all mean for your favorite build?  No worries!  I’m working through it all.  I have already published the changes for Sting, the Stamina Nighblade PVE build.  And more updates will soon be coming!

And Much More . . .

Explore High Isle and Amenos, a land never-before-seen.  Explore a chivalrous Breton society while traversing majestic cliffs, majestic castles, and perilous jungles.  Uncover the secret order of knights led by the Ascendant Lord who threatens to disrupt peace talks for the ongoing Three Banners War.  Capture a fearsome pirate queen in the new 12-player trail named Dreadsail Reef!  Check out this preview.

Learn More About ESO

A lot of information is available on this website about The Elder Scrolls Online.  The SEARCH tool at the top of each page can help you quickly locate specific topics.  You can join me on Twitch, follow me on TwitterFacebookInstagram, or subscribe to my YouTube channel for FREE!  Looking for more information or need individualized assistance?  Come and join me on Patreon.

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