Visit The Hall Of The Dead In Eastmarch

ESO Eastmarch Hall Of The Dead Public Dungeon Loading Screen
While in Eastmarch for the New Life Festival, be sure to check out the Hall Of The Dead, Eastmarch's public dungeon.

The New Life Festival has everyone visiting Eastmarch.  Eastmarch has loads of fun things to do.  Have you checked out the Ultimate Eastmarch Zone Guide?  

One of the fun places to visit is the Hall Of The Dead, Eastmarch’s public dungeon.  

Hall of the Dead

Windhelm, like most Nord cities, has a Hall of the Dead where bodies are interred, overseen by a Priest of Orkey who ensures that corpses are properly consecrated and cared for.

Hall of the Dead Location

The Hall of the Dead is in the city of Windhelm.  Travel slightly southwest of the Windhelm Wayshrine to find the building which is Hall of the Dead.

Hall of the Dead Quests

Lost Crown

Inside the Hall of the Dead you will encounter Malana.  She asks you to defeat Lodorr and find Lodorr’s Crown.

Lodorr is found in a crypt and uses a staff to attack.  He creates a partial wall and shoots from behind it offering him some protection.  He is easily defeated.

Once Lodorr is defeated, Malana asks that you defeat Ulfnir Ice-Blood.  Ulfnir attacks with a battle axe and has heavy hits.  He is easily defeated.

Taking the stairs near his thorne will give you access to the dungeon’s only skyshard.

Completing Lost Crown

Malana turns out to be an enemy and you must defeat her.  She casts protective runes and summons ghosts to fear you or knock you down.  She is easily defeated.

The spirit of Lodorr appears and the quest is completed rewarding you with gold and Lodoor’s Crown which is not part of an armor set.

On A Dare

Borald and his intoxicated friends were in the Hall of the Dead and became separated.  He asks for help reuniting him with his friends.  

Completing On A Dare

Once you have found Borald’s two friends, you will encounter a sober member of the party Nivene Orthil.  She offers to escort the group to safety.  You are rewarded with gold.

Dungeon Bosses

Ghost Haven Bay has 6 bosses.  To complete the dungeon, you will need to complete the quest and defeat all 6 bosses. 

Click on the boss name for quick access to that section.

Gefvid Lodorrsbane

Gefvid Lodorrsbane is a draugr.


Gefvid Lodorrsbane attacks with a battle axe.  He is a heavy hitter and can be interrupted.  He is easily defeated.

Hlaki Lodorrsbane

Hlaki Lodorrsbane is a draugr.


Hlaki Lodorrsbane uses an ice staff.  She creates a barrier and shoots from behind it.  She can also cast ice under your feet which pin you.  She is easily defeated.

Hrerik Lodorrsbane

Hrerik Lodorrsbane is a draugr.


Hrerik uses dual-wield attacks with daggers.  He also casts a circle of thorns on the ground that can pin you.  He is easily defeated.  

Jalfrid Lodorrsbane

Jalfrid Lodorrsbane is a draugr.


Jalfrid Lodorrsbane uses a battle axe to attack.  He is accompanied by a Draugr Wight and a Draugr Archer.  The archer volleys arrows.  The three are easily defeated.

The Old Priest

The Old Priest is a ghost.


The Old Priest uses frost damage and summons a spectre that will charge and fear you.  He is easily defeated.

Reynir the Destroyer

Reynir the Destoryer is a draugr nulifier.  He is the group boss for this dungeon.  You must first defeat three waves of other draugrs before he will appear.


Reynir the Destoryer uses a battle axe for melee attacks.  He casts a large circular aoe and occasionally it has an safe middle spot.  The aoe does a minimum of damage.  Reynir is easily defeated.

Sorgild Lodorrsbane

Sogrild Lodorrsbane is a draugr.


Sorgild Lodorrsbane uses a axe for battle.  She has a heavy hit that can be interrupted.  She is easily defeated.


ESO Toothmaul Gully Public Dungeon Achievement

Defeating all the champions in the Hall of the Dead will reward you with the Hall of the Dead Conqueror achievement.

ESO Toothmaul Gully Public Dungeon Achievement

Defeating Reynir the Destroyer and his minions will reward you with the Hall of the Dead Group Event achievement.

ESO Toothmaul Gully Public Dungeon Achievement

Defeating three of the champions in Hall of the Dead will reward you with the Hall of the Dead Vanquisher achievement.

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