Grimoires – What Exactly Are They?

Update 42 introduces the Scribing system. Using 11 New Grimoires to customize skills that can be unlocked based on your character!

NOTE:  This information is from the PTS (Public Test Server).  Things can and will change as testing continues.  


Update 42 and the Gold Road chapter will introduce Scribing.  This is a new system that players can customize skills to further customize their gameplay.  In this article, let’s take a close look on the coming Grimoires.  More information including an Ultimate Guide to Scribing will be coming soon so check back often.

ESO Update 42 Gold Road Grimoires Destruction Staff Skill Line

Elemental Explosion

Channel the power in your staff to fling a bolt of volatile magic, causing an elemental explosion at the target location.  Elemental Explosion allows you to cast forth a ball of elemental energy that bursts in a flashy display of power.

ESO Update 42 Gold Road Grimoires Restoration Staff Skill Line

Mender’s Bond

Tether yourself to an ally, manifesting a life link between you and them.  Mender’s Bond allows you to form a beneficial mystic tether between you and an allow.

ESO Update 42 Gold Road Grimoires One Handed Skill Line

Shield Throw

Hurl your shield at an enemy, which then returns to you.  Shield Throw allows you to toss your shield into the fray.

ESO Update 42 Gold Road Grimoires Two Handed Skill Line


Drag your weapon along the ground to smash a cone in front of you.  Smash allows you to slash the air before you.

ESO Update 42 Gold Road Grimoires Soul Magic Skill Line

Soul Burst

Unleash a powerful burst of soul magic around you.  Soul Burst allows you to harness the power of your soul and blast it outward in a circle around you.

ESO Update 42 Gold Road Grimoires Fighters Guild Skill Line


Conjure an imbued torch and sweep the area in front of you three times with its power.  Torchbearer allows you to brandish a torch before you, throwing back the darkness and striking any enemies nearby.

ESO Update 42 Gold Road Grimoires Assault Skill Line


Pierce the air with a shrill whistle, calling your mount forth to trample enemies in a line.  This ability cannot be re-activated while your mount is already attacking.  Trample allows you to summon your mount to battle, sending it dashing forth to strike your foes.

ESO Update 42 Gold Road Grimoires Dual Wield Skill Line

Traveling Knife

Twirl and throw an enchanted dagger at an enemy, which returns to you after a short delay and hits additional enemies in the path.  Traveling Knife allows you to hurl a knife imbued with power, which strikes your target and unerringly returns to your hand.

ESO Update 42 Gold Road Grimoires Mages Guild Skill Line

Ulfsild’s Contingency

Imbue yourself with the magical runes of Ulfsild.  These runes trigger when you cast an ability with a cost, causing a burst of magic around you.  Ulfsild’s Contingency allow you to summon a nimbus of power that, after using another skill, triggers to enhance your combat prowess.

ESO Update 42 Gold Road Grimoires Bow Skill Line


Fire a burst at your feet while flipping backwards for 15 meters.  Vault allows you to leap backwards away from your target.

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