Charting the Future: ESO’s 2024 Content Roadmap Reveals Gold Road Storyline and An Innovative Scribing System

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Unveiling ESO's 2024 Gold Road content roadmap! Prepare for challenges and triumphs in this upcoming adventure. The Gold Road awaits!

2024 Content Roadmap

With over 24 million players ESO is celebrating its 10-year anniversary for PC!  The console anniversary is only 15 months later.  There are plans to celebrate the full 15 months!  To kick off the celebration, ESO has announced the 2024 Content Roadmap which will include the new Gold Road storyline and so much more.

The first quarter will see Update 41 which will include a DLC Dungeon game pack and quality of life improvements.  The Scions of Ithelia will get the Gold Road story started and more about Scions of Ithelia will be revealed on a live stream on January 26, 2024, at 3pm EST.  

The second quarter will bring Update 42 including the Gold Road chapter introducing the new West Weald zone and the new scribing system.

The third quarter will bring Update 43 a new housing-related feature, more quality-of-life improvements, and bug fixes.  

And finally, the fourth quarter will bring Update 44 featuring two new companions, and a new pvp-related feature.

While we don’t know much about Update 43 and Update 44, we do have some details on Update 41 and Update 42. 

Scions of Ithelia & Update 41

Scions of Ithelia will begin the Gold Road adventure.  More details will follow after the upcoming livestream on January 26. 

We know now that a forgotten daedric prince, Ithelia, is now free and that freedom brings dire consequences to all of Tamriel.  Update 41 will include two new dungeons with a variety of quality-of-life improvements.  The dungeon names are Oathsworn Pit and Bedlam Veil.  The first new dungeon is set in a training ground for Malacath followers.  The second new dungeon is set in a secret vault within a demi-realm of Maelstrom.  

PTS is scheduled for 1/29!  Patch notes and more details will be coming very soon. 

Gold Road Chapter & Update 42

The central storyline for 2024 will be focused on the Gold Road.  The Gold Road chapter features the West Weald zone and is nestled between Cyrodiil, Gold Coast, and Valenwood.  This area is an independent nation but allied to the Imperial forces.  West Weald is ruled by Colovian Count Calantius but is under attack!  This zone will feature a non-linear questline much like Wrothgar or Necrom.

For a yet unknown reason, scorching jungles have seemingly overnight taken over a third of the West Weald area.  The friendly Wood Elves and displaced Imperials that inhabit the area are confused.  Count Calantius wants to get to the bottom of this mystery before he loses any more territory.  There is a suspected connection between this odd occurrence and the forgotten daedric prince Ithelia and the prince’s followers, the Scions.  A connection between Ithelia and the ancient Ayleids is suspected.

Favorite NPCs Return

Several fan-favorite NPCs will be making a return to aid your quest to get to the bottom of this new mystery.  We will see Leramil the Wise (a Hermaeus Mora ally), Beragon (brother to Eveli Sharparrow), Tribune Alea Idolus (a Colovian centurion working for the Count), Fennorian of the Ravenwatch (a friendly vampire from Blackreach), and the Khajiit investigator Mizzik Thunderboots.  Other returning NPCs are Cadwell, Darien Gautier, Khamira, and Abur Tharn.

The Biomes of West Weald

West Weald was originally visited in Oblivion in 2006.  It consists of three primary biomes:

  • Gold Road (located in the southeast)
  • Dawnwood (located in the south)
  • Colovian Highlands (located in the west)

Gold Road

The Gold Road biome is a temperate environment very similar to that of the Gold Coast.  It is home to the region’s capital city Skingrad.  Skingrad is filled with classic Colovian architecture and is considered wealthy and cosmopolitan.  


Dawnwood seemingly overnight became encroached by jungles from nearby Valenwood.  It now has a dense wilderness climate.  

Colovian Highlands

Colovian Highlands is a mountainous region and an Imperial settlement.  It is home to less spoiled Ayleid ruins, rocky soil, and a dry climate.  It is also home to bustling vineyards.


Wildburn is an alarming area that separates Dawnwood from the Colovian Highlands and the Gold Road.  This area has sickened magical twisted land with volitable beasts.  The area itself seems to corrupt indigenous beasts creating danger at every turn.  This area is under attack from new unfamiliar foes and never before seen daedra enemies.

What Else?

In addition to the new West Weald zone, the daedric prince story, and the two new dungeons, there will also be a new 12-person trial called Lucent Citadel and a new type of world event.  As always, there will be new rewards, new armor sets, new collectibles, new antiquities, and more.  But perhaps the most exciting feature will be the new Scribing system!  


Scribing will be a new system that will allow players to customize elements of some skills by tapping into the fundamental elements of magic, following the ancient origins of magic, and discovering the secrets of the Mage.  New skills will be available for each weapon skill line that will be called Grimoires.  Grimoires will be the very core of a skill that doesn’t change.  There will be three slots per Grimoire called Scripts.  Script slots will be Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary.  And Ink is a reagent to change or scribe a skill.

The example that was presented during the livestream was Vault.  Vault is a ranged bow skill that allows you to shoot the ground creating an aoe then backflip out of danger.  If you are a ranged healer, you may want to customize Vault with the Primary Script of healing and add a Secondary Script of a heal over time or a stam recovery for any allies in that aoe.

Secondary Scripts are about individualizing Grimoire skill to better match with your build or roleplay.  Secondary Scripts can also give a player a stack of the Hawk Eye Bonus, for example, increasing damage on other bow abilities for a short duration.  Then you can add a Tertiary Script that can add a buff or a debuff to Vault with an effect like Minor Maim or Minor Vulnerability.

If this has been confusing, don’t worry.  As we get closer to the release, currently scheduled for June 3 on PC/Mac and June 18 for consoles, we will have more details and more detailed explanations.  

Also note that the Gold Road chapter must be owned to unlock the new Scribing system.  

Skill Styles

At the Gold Road launch, there will be new Skill Styles.  These are color variants of popular abilities from weapon, guild, and world skills.  You can select the style when you equip the ability changing its visual effects.  The plan is for 22 styles to be available at launch.  All of these skill styles can be unlocked or earned in-game!


There is a lot to look forward to.  February will bring the Whitestrake’s Mayhem event.  March will bring the Jester’s Festival.  And coming in the spring will be the new Prologue quest for Gold Road.  In-person events are planned and more details will be available soon!

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