How Do You Like Your Cheese? Sharp, Creamy, Briny, Sweet, Moldy, or Stinky?

ESO The Rift World Boss Giant Camp Longstride and Thickpelt
Sample six 'Giant' cheeses for a unique achievement in ESO's Western Skyrim zone.

The Elder Scrolls Online occasionally gives those of us who inhabit Tamriel a little something quirky.  This is no exception.  Did you know that you could earn a Gaint Cheese Connoisseur achievement?

Giant Cheese Connoisseur

Find and eat cheese from each of the 6 Giant Camps to earn the Giant Cheese Connoisseur achievement.

There is no associated quest and the cheeses can be sampled in any order.

Western Skyrim Cheese Locations

There are 6 giant camps in Western Skyrim.

  • Camp #1 – eat Sharp Mammoth Cheese at the Kilkreath Giant Camp
  • Camp #2 – eat Creamy Mammoth Cheese at the Deepwood Giant Camp
  • Camp #3 – eat Briny Mammoth Chese at the Coastal Giant Camp
  • Camp #4 – eat Sweet Mammoth Cheese at the Karthald Giant Camp
  • Camp #5 – eat Moldy Mammoth Cheese at the Highland Giant Camp
  • Camp #6 – eat Stinky Mammoth Cheese at the Mor Khazgur Gaint Camp

You will earn the Giant Cheese Connoisseur achievement.

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