Ghost Haven Bay Public Dungeon In High Isle

ESO Ghost Haven Bay Public Dungeon Main Entrance
Explore one of the new public dungeons released with the High Isle Chapter. Ghost Haven Bay's pirate cove offers new enemies to be defeated.

Ghost Haven Bay Is A Public Dungeon

High Isle brought us two public dungeons.  Spire of the Crimson Coin and Ghost Haven Bay.  

Public dungeons are areas similar to delves but larger and harder with multiple bosses.  While they can be entered at any time with any group or even solo, public dungeons are much easier to complete in a group.  To complete a public dungeon you must do all associated quests, and defeat all the bosses.  Normally at least one skyshard is located in each public dungeon.

ESO Ghost Haven Bay Map Location

The Story Behind Ghost Haven Bay

You will find Ghost Haven Bay on the eastern side of Amenos.  To get to Amenos, you must travel from the main island of High Isle.  Amenos is a jungle island that is home to a prison camp.  The quest for the public dungeon is to team up with Ilyes Maul, a buccaneer who is seeking his ancestor’s final resting place which is located in Ghost Haven Bay.  

ESO Public Dungeon Ghost Haven Bay Atmosphere

You will explore the remanents of a pirate fleet, survive deadly spirits, and uncover the secret of the dark curse that continues to bind them.  There are plenty of monsters, bosses, and treasures hidden within Ghost Haven Bay.

ESO Ghost Haven Bay Interior Map Top Level

Two Levels To Explore

There are two levels in Ghost Haven Bay.  The map above shows you the entrance level.  The second level is a catacomb.  The area is full of green lush vegetation, misty and full of peril.   As you circle around the area, you will eventually come to a deserted shipyard.  

ESO Public Dungeon Ghost Haven Bay Mob

Mobs Of Unusual Enemies

As the journey through the winding areas of Ghost Haven Bay continues, you’ll find new usual creatures like the Hadolid Hullcleaver.  Ultimately you’ll find the Hadolid Broodmother who is one of six bosses inside this public dungeon.

ESO Ghost Haven Bay Hadolid Broodmother

Achievements Await The Victor

If you needed more rewards other than the pirate loot you’ve already collected thus far, there are two new achievements associated with Ghost Haven Bay. 

Ghost Haven Bay Conqueror is awarded when you defeat all the champions in the dungeon.

Ghost Haven Bay Group Event is awarded when you defeat the Hadolid Broodmother.

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