Earn Extra Rewards In The Forgotten Wastes Public Dungeon In Vvardenfell

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Visit the Forgotten Wastes Public Dungeon in Vvardenfell during the Daedric War Celebration for bonus rewards and a chance of a style page drop.

Public Dungeons In The Elder Scrolls Online

The Daedric War Celebration is in full swing until February 1, 10am EST.  Daedric War Spoils reward boxes can be acquired as you explore, adventure, and quest in the three target areas – Summerset, Vvardenfell, Clockwork City.

Public Dungeons are large group dungeons that are open to anyone who enters.  You can have many different players within the same dungeon at the same time even if they are not in the same group.   You may enter in a group or solo.   Your character’s role does not matter.

ESO Public Dungeon Map Icon
Map Icon
ESO Forgotten Wastes Public Dungeon Map Location
Forgotten Wastes Public Dungeon In Vvardenfell

Public Dungeons Are Open To Groups Or Solo

Public Dungeons appear in nearly every area of Tamriel and include large groups of enemies and multiple challenging boss fights.  While it is possible to complete a Public Dungeon solo, it is much quicker with a group. 

To complete a Public Dungeon, you must complete all the associated quests.  Simply defeating the bosses will not be enough to count is as completed.  Each Public Dungeon includes at least one Skyshard and has associated achievements.

Public Dugneon Map Icon

Forgotten Wastes Public Dungeon in Vvardenfell

The Forgotten Wastes is a Public Dungeon located near the northern coast of Vvardenfell.  As with most Public Dungeons and Delves, there is often a side quest that can be completed for rewards.  These quests are typically located just outside or inside of the dungeon or delve entrance. 

The quest here is entitled ‘Echoes of a Fallen House’.  Your mission will be to find the desperate Dunmer Tythis Nirith’s kidnapped sister and stop the plot of a cult.  He can be found shortly after entering the Forgotten Wastes.

ESO Forgotten Wastes Quest Giver
Echoes Of A Fallen House Quest Giver
ESO Forgotten Wastes Public Dungeon Quest Giver
Tythis Nirith

Forgotten Wastes Important Notes

There is one Skyshard in this Public Dungeon and the possible achievements: 

  • Forgotten Wastes Vanquisher – defeat three of the champions in the Forgotten Wastes
  • Forgotten Wastes Group Event – defeat Stone-Boiler Omalas, Brander Releth, and Mountain-Caller Hlaren in the Forgotten Wastes
  • Forgotten Wastes Conqueror – Defeat all of the champions in the Forgotten Wastes

There are no lore books located here.

ESO Forgotten Wastes Interior Map
Forgotten Wastes Interior Map

Extra Rewards From The Daedric War Celebration

During the Daedric War Celebration, Public Dungeon bosses (and world bosses) in Vvardenfell and Clockwork City have a CHANCE to drop a tradeable style page for the Doctrine Ordinator outfit style.  

If you’d like a GUARANTEED drop of a tradeable style page for the Doctrine Ordinator outfit style, you need only to defeat the final boss in either the Halls of Fabrication trial or the Asylum Sanctorum trial.  Click each guide for All About Mechanics details you’ll need to complete each trial.

Remember during this event, nearly all activities in the three zones – Summerset, Vvardenfell, and Clockwork City – are giving players increased rewards.  For more information about the Daedric War Celebration, please check out this previous article.

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