Scribing Scripts – What Are They?

The Gold Road Scribing System
Focus Scripts, Signature Scripts, Affix Scripts. What are they and how do you use them? Lets look deeper into Scribing.

NOTE:  This information is from the PTS (Public Test Server).  Things can and will change as testing continues.  


The Scribing system, to be launched with the Gold Road chapter and Update 42, offers you the ability to customize some of your character’s abilities to suit your playstyle.  Currently, there are 11 new and unique skills that you can customize.  These skills begin with a Grimoire.  Grimories are base skills.  For more info about Grimoires, check out this article.


With a Grimorie selected, it’s time to start customizing.  Customization is made using Scripts.  

Grimoire:  Elemental Explosion

ESO Update 42 Gold Road Grimoires Destruction Staff Skill Line

Elemental Explosion is a destruction staff skill. 

Channel the power in your staff to fling a bolt of volatile magic, causing an elemental explosion at the target location.

The current options for Elemental Explosion are as follows:

Focus Scripts

Focus Scripts will add the main function to the Grimoire’s base skill and determine the Skill’s name, resource type, and resource cost.  They will also determine if the ability is Enemy-Targeted or Ally/Self-Targeted.  Not all Scripts and Grimoires can be paired.  As you make your selections, available pairings will be shown.  Note:  ‘Available’ pairing is the default option, however, you can change the options.


Removes up to 3 enemy area effect abilities.

Flame Damage

Deals 8064 Flame Damage to enemies.

Frost Damage

Deals 8064 Frost Damage to enemies.


Knocks enemies back 12 meters.

Magic Damage

Deals 8064 Magic Damage to enemies.

Shock Damage

Deals 8064 Shock Damage to enemies.


Stuns enemies for 5 seconds.


Afflicts enemies with 4032 Healing Absorption for 3 seconds.

Signature Scripts

After adding your Focus Script to your chosen Grimoire, you must add a Signature Script.  Signature scripts add unique effects to the skill.  

Assassin’s Misery

Afflicts enemies with Burning, Chill, Concussions, and Overcharged.

Class Mastery

For each enemy within 8 meters, up to 6, gain 50 Weapon and Spel Damage and reduce your damage taken by 2% plus 1% per enemy for 5 seconds.

Druid’s Resurgence

Restores 411 Magicka to you per enemy hit.

Hunter’s Snare

Create a field of distortion under the first enemy hit for 6 seconds, reducing the Movement Speed of enemies inside by 40%.

Immobilizing Strike

Immobilized enemies for 3 seconds.

Lingering Torment

Deals 3295 Magic Damage over 5 seconds to enemies.

Warmage’s Defense

Grants you a damage shield that absorbs 3204 damage per enemy hit for 6 seconds.

Affix Scripts

Affix Scripts adds a final benefit to the skill.  This benefit is usually from the Major and Minor Buff and Debuff system.  Single-target Grimories typically have access to Major buffs and debuffs while area-of-effect Grimoires have access to Minor buffs and debuffs.


Afflicts enemies with Minor Brittle for 20 seconds, increasing their Critical Damage taken by 10%.

Brutality and Sorcery

If an enemy was hit, grants you Major Brutality and Major Sorcery for 20 seconds, increasing Weapon and Spell Damage by 20%.


Afflicts enemies with Minor Cowardice for 20 seconds, reducing Weapon and Spell Damage by 215.


Afflicts enemies with Minor Defile, which reduces healing received and damage shield strength by 12% for 20 seconds.


Afflicts enemies with Minor Enervation for 20 seconds, reducing Critical Damage by 10%.


Afflicts enemies with Minor Lifesteal for 20 seconds, healing attackers for 600 Health every 1 second.


Afflicts enemies with Minor Magicasteal for 20 seconds, restoring 168 Magicka to attackers every 1 second.

Off Balance

Sets enemies Off Balance for 7 seconds.

More To Come

This amazing new system opens skill customization up to endless possibilities.  New Grimoires and new skills can later be added making this new system even more versatile.

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