PTS Sneak Peek: Update 36 & Firesong DLC

ESO Galen & Y'ffreon Location Map
ESO's final content release for 2022 is now live on the PTS. Firesong will be releasing in November. Let's take a quick look around while we wait.

Firesong Coming Soon

To conclude the year-long saga of the Legacy of the Bretons, ESO will release the last DLC content in November entitled Firesong.  In addition to the content, there will also be a base game update with Update 36.

Location Of Galen and Y’ffelon

Galen and Y’ffelon are the northernmost island of the Systres chain.  This area includes a capital port city that was built upon Druid ruins.  Stonelore Druids are the primary occupants of the island’s civilized area while many enemies inhabit Galen’s jungle regions.

Some Old, Some New

Wandering world bosses (similar to those in the Deadlands) will be in Galen as will delves, skyshards, wayshrines, and quests.  Quen, a NPC favorite from the Thieve’s Guild will also make a return.  Volcanic vents will return to this area as world events.  

We will also encounter Chimeras which are new three-headed monsters, pangrits, colossal coral crabs, magma golems, soulrazer knights, and much more!

Update 36

Update 36 will add some great features that will improve our quality of life.  We will see target markers for enemies, better placement and alignment for wall items in houses, the ability to hide pets, companions, and assistants in towns, armory stations inside Cyrodiil and Imperial City, text-to-speech chat options, and more.

Waiting on November

While we can enjoy the DLC on the PTS, the release date is scheduled for PC/Mac/Stadia on November 1 and the console release (Xbox and Playstation) will be on November 15.

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