The Firesong DLC Added Two New Deck Clues For The Druid King Patron Deck

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ESO's newest DLC, Firesong, added not only a new patron deck, The Druid King, but also two new card upgrade clues for The Druid King deck.

There were two new Tales of Tribute upgrade clues released with The Elder Scrolls Online’s newest DLC, Firesong.  In addition to the territory of Galen and Y’ffelon, a new Tales of Tribute patron deck, The Druid King, was introduced.  Consequently, two new card upgrade clues for The Druid King deck were also added.

All Tales of Tribute clues currently available are detailed in the Ultimate Tales of Tribute Guide, and each clue is individually added to the appropriate Ultimate Zone Guide.

ESO Tales Of Tribute Patrons The Druid King

Wispheart Totem Clue

This clue will upgrade a card in The Druid King Deck.

Wraiths are at home in this doomed, craggy land With tall, fanged spires And ghosts close at hand. At southwestern corner of Markwasten Moor Here lies your card At Agea Relle’s door.

This Tribute Treasure Box is located in Rivenspire.

Travel southeast to the entrance of the Crypt of Heart group dungeon to find the clue on the right side of the entrance doorway.

ESO Tales Of Tribute Patrons The Druid King

Druid King Vestments Clue

This clue will upgrade a card in The Druid King Deck.

Sail to Galen and its icy home Where ground boils and earth groans Neath gnarled, root-formed bridges Find knotted loops of glowing stones Walk with grace on new-formed rocks To the base of my cracked eye Player, here lies your card Listen close to isle’s cry

This Tribute Treasure Box is located in Galen and Y’ffelon.

Travel east from the Llanshara Wayshrine.  Look for the small structure on the lava rocks.  

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